Jan. 1st, 2012

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I'm thinking breakfast at Denny's will enable me to test my car and my lungs.  It's not far from here and I'm sure it will be open. I want to see if the car will start and if it does, if that pesky light comes on.  The internets, last night, told me to double check the gas cap.  I filled up yesterday and am pretty sure I got the cap on correctly but getting it on incorrectly apparently guarantees check system lights.  (Although, it won't explain the weird transmission issue but maybe it was really temporary.)

I did find out that the service center is always closed on Sundays and Mondays anyway.

Denny's is also on flat land so I can stroll around a block or two after breakfast and see how my lungs are working today.  I did notice, oh so gratefully, that when I snuggled in last night, I was amazed at how absolutely normal my breathing was.  This morning seems fine but often sitting and computing feels fine and then getting up and walking a half a block is an entirely different story.

So this morning, it's Denny's on the menu.  And then it will be trying not to stress if either test fails or wallowing in the victory of passing both tests...  

I do have one big todo today.  The top drawer of my bedside table.  It is full to the gills with junk.  All of that junk will get moved/tossed or organized today.  I want to be able to open that drawer and easily reach for what I want, not stick my hand in a pile o crap and be grateful when I get that hand back uninjured.

Then I will knit and either watch TV or listen to one of  my latest books (2030:  The Real Story of What Happens in America by Albert Brooks and Bottom of the 33rd by Dan Barry).

When you don't 'do' football, you have a lot of free time this time of year.

Good plans all.  For when I get out of bed.  Which has not happened yet.  But might.  In a little bit.  Maybe.
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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/eAuShQwQcAy), I said:

The car and I made it here to denny's without any problems... I'm not having these but I totally love the very idea of pancake puppies.
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I think the internets are right this time.  I unscrewed the gas cap on the Smart Car (or Erica and [livejournal.com profile] johncomic believes is her name) and rescrewed it past 2 clicks.  I think I probably only did 1 click yesterday when I got gas and that's what fucked up the error messages.  My drive to Denny's and back was totally error free.  If I haven't seen any errors by next week, I might call just to ask if I need to bring it in but with no errors, there probably is no reason.

After a most delicious and very nice breakfast (Denny's is clearly the place to be the morning after New Years Eve - it was hopping with really nice people, really), I walked down the street.  I did fine for about a block and then it got more difficult.  I slowed down and kept going a little while longer.  I made it 3 blocks and 3 blocks back but there was coughing and panting.  My big decision is getting to the airport.  

I think I can make it to the light rail stop (about 3 blocks from here) but once I get to the airport, it's a pretty long way to the terminal and then to the gate.  I could get a cab for $45 (incl tip) but that seems so ridiculous.  My flight does not leave until 11:45 so I think I'm just going to leave extra early and stop and rest if I need to.  

Now I need to get to that drawer of shit.  I took everything out and cleaned the bottom and now I think I'll go in and start the sorting/purging/organizing.  Yes, there will be photos.
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Pink bear gets a sweater... now he needs a head!

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All this crap

drawer stuff

Was in this drawer


Most of it tossed. A little of it is stored elsewhere.

I present the 2012 version of the drawer...

done drawer

It's the little things that often delight the most.
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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/GhXxZdDTgfv), I said:

I just killed an hour and a half solving a computer problem that has plagued me for months. I found the solution after the first 30 minutes but then took another hour before I figured out how to fix it. I never knew that the registry was totally locked down even for admins to any editing by default. I suppose it makes sense but you'd think after all the windows computers I've owned and fucked with, this would not be headlined news in 2012. Geesh!
On the bright side this pesky issue will NEVER ever stump me again. so there!!
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