Jan. 3rd, 2012

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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/8bzzeQRSrRP), I said:

Hey +TWiT, where will your set up be at CES?

Busy day

Jan. 3rd, 2012 08:32 am
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Today is both my Monday and my Tuesday and the first weekday of the month plus I have that doctor's appointment.

So.... up early early to get all of Monday's work chores done (the publish schedule shifted so I couldn't even do them yesterday). As done as they can be now until they are QA'd. Then shower and dress in real clothes for the doctor. Done.

Happily the bear delivery spot is a block from the doctor's office so that's a nice twofer.

I'm guessing the doctor (9:45) will be done with me by 10ish and then I'll kill 15 in the pharmacy and then home for a work check before back out again for swim class. Out of swim class early to make the 1 pm conf call.

And in between making sure I spot check the work computer to catch whatever flies over the fence, which today could be nothing or could be big.

After 2;30, all should return to sane. After tomorrow, I really don't expect to have much work at all so I can focus on CES anticipation.
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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/eefhMSYaKBT), I said:

Done with doctor. waiting at pharmacy... Verdict is both asthma and emphysema. Grrr oh and maybe allergies.
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The lung function test proved to be quite informative. Turns out I can't breathe well...

I have both asthma and emphysema! Ain't that special?? I asked him if some of my breathing issues were because I'm fat. He allowed as how that was a great question and dug into the data and emerged with a funny face... Turns out as much as he wants to say 'yes!', the data says no. But he allowed as how I should feel free to lose weight anyway.

He also still thinks there are allergies. So off to an allergist. Now we're dipping our toe into medical stuff for which I have very little tolerance. But, he's mentioned it so often that I know he won't get off of it until I go see his specialist. Since the guy was right down the hall, I just went down there instead of calling. And fuck, there's an opening tomorrow morning at 8. Fine. I'll get it over with.

Cute doctor wants to see me again in a month and gave me a new improved inhaler to replace the Flovent and another prescription for the albuterol inhaler.

He says that he hopes we can get this down to an inhaler hit maybe a couple of times a week. I could sure live with that!

Oh and I asked him about Las Vegas and he said he sure hopes the new inhaler will have me feeling much more consistently better by then. Me, too!

Now, it's time for swimming!
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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/PKGBvjbjPKK), I said:

I just had somebody add me to their circles and all of his entries are in French. My French is pitiful, but I had NO trouble understanding this message!
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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/Hvj4S7cGCRh), I said:

amazon does it again... my package which is due here tomorrow is on the truck for delivery today!!!! and getting it today, in this case, is really huge. amazon, i totally heart you.
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So now that all my didjas are done. Swim swum, conf call confed. etc. I'm reviewing the doctor visit and what he told me exactly.

One thing was pretty key for me... and that is that it is not all in my head.

When we were little, my sister had a severe, chronic and constant case of hypochondria. My parents used to tell her (correctly) that she was imagining all of her various ailments. So then she started reporting her aches and pains and diseases and then adding 'And I am not imaginating!'

So, of course imaginating worked its way right into our family vocabulary.

I really wanted to make sure that I'm not exacerbating my breathing issues by imaginating that they are worse than they are. Particularly stuff like the bad nights I had where I just lay gasping all night.

The doctor assured me that I was not imaginating one bit. And that was really a relief to me in a weird way.

Also I remembered in his telling me about the test results, he listed the issue as being the asthma. And, now that I've thought about it, I realize he's thinking the asthma might be caused by allergies - and if we can nip the allergy in the bud, then maybe the asthma will hit the pike. A major DOH for most people, I realize but I'm not used to connecting medial dots.

So, ok, I'll give it a fair shot.

There is emphysema but he characterized it as a 'little bit of' and 'the beginnings of'. And he said that the emphysema is the part that is likely caused by my smoking. So my smoking and my fatness aren't even the big culprits here. I don't know why this is important information to me but it is. I'm just glad to know it.

He replaced the Flovent with Advair. This is what my mother sucked on for years. She had heart problems, too but still. I'm not happy about recreating her end years. Also isn't Advair the one that has the commercial on TV with the elephant sitting on the woman's chest? Yeah, drugs that are on TV are expensive drugs. Today's Advair and Ventolin together set me back $75. I think that's about how much a carton of cigarettes cost these days.
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