Jan. 15th, 2012

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Both doctors and everything I read starts talking about COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) by saying it is different for everyone who has it. So I'm trying to mark and track what it's like for me so that I can correctly portray my experience do the doctors (to get the best relief) and so that possibly I can better set my own expectations.

Bad days seem to have two components. On is a severe shortness of breath = sometimes even sitting and doing nothing. Walking very short distances - like 60 feet - leaves me panting. But, in addition to the lack of breath, I just feel ugh. I've been trying to figure out how to accurately describe it and so far haven't figured it out. It's kind of like flu achy without the aches. Not much of an appetite. Not really nauseous but not not nauseous either. Just generally crappy and cruddy feeling.

I started feeling that way on Friday afternoon. Crappy and cruddy and short of breath. It lasted through Saturday. I managed to do stuff - swim, haircut, etc but I also rested more than usual and even took a rare nap. I met [livejournal.com profile] machupicchu for dinner and a play last night. I could not breathe for shit. It was hard to even talk.

But, in the middle of the play, the crap and crud left. It was so weird. But, by the play's end, I felt really so much better. I still could not breathe for shit but otherwise, I felt really good.

This morning the good continues. I am going to walk to the bus tunnel (about 2.5 blocks) and take the bus downtown. Another 2.5 blocks to the movie theater. I haven't tested, but I'll bet it will be easier than last night. I'll bet you my breathing will be better. But, even if it's not, being crudless is glorious. Whew.


The play was the musical, Spring Awakenings. I had heard (and enjoyed) the music from when the play first hit Broadway years ago. The music is not the sort from which you can divine the plot and/or details of the story. So I was pretty clueless going in. I know it was a huge hit and people I admire just loved it. An it won one or more Tony awards.

It was interesting. I'm not quite sure I enjoyed it. But it was interesting. And I'm very glad I saw it. Turns out I had misunderstood several of the musical clues. That was a bit disconcerting. But, I was knocked out by the quality of the performances. It was a totally local production and wow. The singing and music was stellar. Very interesting.

Today's movie starts at 11. Available brunch options are not that attractive so I think I'll make my own breakfast here before I head out.

My four hour reboot schedule includes reboots at 8, 12, 4, 8 12 and 4. It seems that I am hitting 'save' or 'refresh' nearly every time the reboot reboots. Timing. I need a chirp or something just before the reboots to remind me so that I don't loose shit.
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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/6gN8dJy9mhu), I said:

Not the right tools for the job... my feet were soaked to the bone!! But what a wonderful way to do it.
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When I left here to go to the movie, it was snowing a little - none was on the ground and when I got out of the bus tunnel downtown, it had stopped.

But, the very good news is that I was able to walk to the bus tunnel without stopping and it wasn't too difficult. Not as easy as getting to the airport gate last week but way way way better than yesterday.

The movie - Joyful Noise - was bad. I kind of enjoyed it for it's badness and for Dolly Parton and her still so amazing voice. But, it was bad. I told [livejournal.com profile] machupicchu to keep his expectations low and then lower them and he did but still, it was worse than he thought. Maybe we have already seen the worst movie of 2012?

The theater is on the 6th floor of a downtown mall and as we were coming down the escalator, [livejournal.com profile] machupicchu said "LOOK!!! look out that window!" Sure enough, it was snowing like crazy. Giant baseball sized snowflakes. We hopped off the escalator and over to a pedestrian bridge and wow. Here's one of his pics.

It was just beautiful. We split up and I walked the half a block to the bus tunnel and immediately realized that my sneakers - with lovely air holes for keeping my feet cool - were not the right shoes for this situation. Oh well.

When I got out of the bus tunnel on the other end it had slowed down considerably but there was lots on the ground and this poor weeping willow was sobbing...


I went into the Japanese grocery there on the corner and got rice and some sushi for lunch and some of their cucumber pickles and then walked on home across a very snowy parking lot. My feet were pretty cold and wet when I got home BUT... I was still breathing! I did have to stop once in the parking lot just to catch up with myself but I'm ok with that. I did way more than I thought I could. So... nice.

The snow has stopped but it's so pretty out and I'm fine if it starts again. The pool is closed tomorrow so I got nowhere I need to get.
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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/XVoDFG5C2AU), I said:

See that stadium there on the left? That's my stadium... it's parking lot is the one my living room looks out over. This is such a great shot of Seattle's winter coat!
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