Jan. 16th, 2012

Snow cold

Jan. 16th, 2012 11:07 am
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I hate being hot. So, I embrace the cold. Even today which, while it's not actually, it feels colder than usual. Actually, I just looked at the indoor thermometer and it is colder than usual. So I have on more clothes and I even dragged out a snuggly fleece lap robe.

We got a little more snow last night and there are snowflakes in the forecast tomorrow and Wednesday. It's not snowing now but it kind of looks like it could start again any time now. The roads are, apparently, an icy mess or were this morning. It's not a problem today but tomorrow, when the pool is open... if I can't get there, I'm going to get cranky. Chef Anita comes tomorrow so I'll let her be my snow canary.

Today, so far, there is a little work to do - I'm waiting now on a review. And I am doing laundry. And, really, that's it.

A quiet, chilly, MLK Day here. At least so far.
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So the next step in my internet access war is a router redo. I ordered a router, a switch and an extender today from Amazon. My current router has 8 ports and no others do so that's why I had to get a router and a switch. I ordered them all from Amazon so that if the test fails, i can send them all back.

I went with Cisco (Linksys). I've read reviews and recommendations until I'm blue in the face. I'm router weary. If the problem turns out to be Comcast or the modem, I'm going to go back to pissed.

My every four hour on/off deal won't work long term for work and even short term it's driving me a bit batty.

But what is not driving me batty is my breathing. This is a good day, breathing wise. I haven't gone anywhere but I have been up and down and over and out doing laundry and folding and putting away and cleaning up the kitchen and stuff like that. I can take a deep breath (standing or sitting) without coughing or catching. It's a good good day.

So now I have details on what a good good day is, what a good day is and what a bad day is. I need to figure out how to promote the first and second and delete the third. I have notes for the doctor for when I see him on Wednesday, snow willing. I mainly wanted to remember to ask him about the muscle cramping which is driving me nuts and the salty taste I always have in my mouth these days. On the up side, I no longer need to salt my food.
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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/eGGWDbwQHHg), I said:

I'm not certain where I would actually use this since I never lot on to computers that aren't mine, but I love it.
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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/D4Nqr4EeUWV), I said:

On Wednesday I have a designer and electrician coming over for a long overdue planning session and then a doctor's appointment and then my daily swim at the pool.
OR none of that will happen and I will enjoy my day watching the snow fall... maybe taking a crunchy walk around the neighborhood.
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