Jan. 20th, 2012

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The two webcams near my pool are showing pavement on the street for the first time since Wednesday! In fact all the webcams near my route from here to there are showing wet rainy streets. Now those I can navigate with ease! It will be a couple of hours yet before I can verify that the pool will actually be open but I'm very hopeful.

And I am such dire need of a swim. All of my muscles need stretching. And I need a couple of things at the grocery store.

I expect today to be a slow work day. I don't think much was missed on account of the snow so there's no catch up going on. And it's been a slow week anyway.

If my router gets here today, I'll set that up. I am done holding my breath on that delivery, though.

Tonight [livejournal.com profile] machupicchu and I are going to see A Short-Term Solution to a Long-Term Problem - "A comedy about unfunny things, “A Short-Term Solution to a Long-Term Problem” is writer/performer David Schmader’s solo play about the dramatic life upheaval that drove him to spend a decade “living every day like it’s your last!”—a profoundly ridiculous adventure that finds Schmader aiming his pointy-headed, fall-off-your-seat wit at marriage, Mormons and the type of relaxation that comes from watching a baby get a spray tan. "

The sun is trying to cut through the clouds as I type this... we're melting!!
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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/ZzRVkgpMdNC), I said:

G+ is having a bad week at my house... the black bar is still on every computer that I have not manually changed it to the gray. Some notifications are getting the red box alert, but many are not. I click on the Notification stream and I see stuff that I've never been alerted about. And I've got people in one circle showing up the stream of another... weird o.
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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/W8kwDnxGXgw), I said:

Voice mail at the pool says it will be open today... in an hour!!! Yeah!!
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The webcams didn't lie. The roads were bare. I got there with only a little trouble but...

There was no place to park. No place where I was sure I could get the car going again after my swim. All the roads are bordered by snow mounds. None of the parking lots were even close to being cleared but worse was that at the entrance to each there was a giant mound of snow and ice.

So I came home. I'm wondering now if tomorrow's class will even be doable. It's in a part of the city where there aren't any cams. I guess I'll try it - couldn't do any worse than today.

I did stop at the grocery store. This is what made me twitchy about the parking. The store lot had not been plowed and it was kind of scary but I was careful. I had trouble getting out but I was able to go backwards and had success at another exit.

On the bright side, the store was empty and the clerk was unrushed. As I opened my wallet to get out money, he said, "is that a senior card? If it is you get a discount."

When you turn 60 in the city of Seattle you can get a senior card for free. It gets you half off pet licenses (which is why I even got it), 90% off a zoo ticket, free access to the aquarium and now I find out that it's good for 5% off my grocery bill at all Red Apples... ANY day of the week (they have senior days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays but I never seem to get there on Tuesdays and Wednesdays). I love that. 5% off any day! And just because he happened to look in my wallet. A nice little bit of serendipity.

The only street between here and there that is not plowed is the street that my garage empties out on to. I noticed that once I was on solid pavement, the tire pressure light on my dash was lit. Fuck. I hate stuff like that. The tires look fine. I'm going to assume it has to do with the lumpy snow I drove over and the temperature. If it's still there tomorrow, I'll worry about it then.

So now I'm back home. Guess I'll get some lunch and knit some bear. And hang til 6 when it's time to go pick up [livejournal.com profile] machupicchu. Note to self: wear boots!
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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/2QTcaT427EN), I said:

Well, pigs must be flyin' cause the freakin' router finally got here. Now let's hope it works!!
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On Google+ (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/Ba1aQgTYwhi), I said:

router working but webcam is not happy. looks like that will be a tomorrow project.
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