Jan. 26th, 2012

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A pet peeve of mine is unsolicited warnings/advice about my own or my online security. It tells me that the adviser assumes I am not smart enough to have through through the ramifications of my actions and that I am not capable of dealing with those ramifications.
I am aware. I have considered. I take what may look to others as risks to my safety, privacy, and personal goods, sometimes they are and sometimes they are not. Either way, I do what I do this with my eyes wide open. I have thought about what would happen if. I am aware of the pitfalls. I understand the risks. I make the choices for my own reasons.
I'm fine with suggestions and questions. (You might consider..., or Have you thought about?) I'm not fine with dictates (you should never...) you are not the boss of me and if you were, I'd find a new boss cause you think I'm stupid.
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This entry was posted on Google+ and automagically ported here. All of it, including maybe links and photos can be found at this link (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/ihqESBW4aqM)

Ok, so maybe I was a bit strong and/or vague in my pet peeve declaration. Just don't assume I'm an idiot, ok.
If I chose, for instance, to share my password (oh the horror), stop and think that maybe I have a valid reason and I that I understand and am prepared to deal with the consequences. Ditto with not putting my purse in the trunk or leaving my front door unlocked. I know what I'm doing. I know what could happen. I do.
The end. Moving on.
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This whole living room redesign project has been kind of iffy for me. It's an idea I had that I could kind of go either way on. I have the money but I hate the upheaval. Plus I do not have the nohow and don't want to get it. I hate the shopping, looking, deciding, find resources, managing them... The process.

The woman who did the design of my condo 7 years ago has the skills and knows the peops. But, working with her is not always smooth sailing.

So I started out with one foot in the Ohhh Let's Do It camp and one foot in the Fuck it, I can live without camp.

Last night both feet got moved into the Oh Yeah, Baby, It's Happening camp.

The design is done, Sheri's set to give the cabinet maker the green light. The electrician has been here and seen the plan and said 'sure, I can do that'... And we found the right table.

Sheri went yesterday to look at it. It's one I found in a catalog of a store that has zero online inventory. She sent me an email late yesterday saying that she really liked it. It's a 36" square with two panels that you can slide out to make it a BIG rectangular table. They had 5 left. And it was on sale until next week. So i called up the store and bought one! they are going to hold it for me until we're ready and then deliver.

I think it really is going to happen and yeah!


Amira and her daughter were here to clean this morning and everything is shiny.

I have my swim class at noon. Yesterday the pool was nearly empty. It was weird. By the time I finished my hour there were a few lanes full but the double lane I use was all mine. Kinda nice, actually.

There is a big dump of work coming. I thought it was going to be here last night but I'm still waiting. Standing by...

Da plan

Jan. 26th, 2012 04:10 pm
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new living room

This section of the living room is the one getting the major surgery. The desk/credenza setup is going away entirely. There will be a table (narrow) built in along that wall with the pictures on it. The three monitors will be mounted on that wall. Then where the credenza is will be a very cool, very shallow, shelf/cabinet/drawer assembly. The sexy CPU will sit on a shelf that pulls out. The printer will sit on a rolling cart that slides in under the CPU. Everything else will be hidden. (I switched out the bright green lights in the CPU for blue ones but the blue ones aren't nearly as bright and cool, so I think the green is going back in.)

This new dining table will go where the lucite table is now:

Urbana Table

I'm having a bench on hidden casters made that matches the ottoman/chair in room. The bench will serve as both the desk chair and dining table seating.

I'm having a bascillion electrical outlets built in everywhere. And the table as well as the cabinet thingie will have grommets in it so that the wires and cables and be strung around hidden as much as possible.

Then I'm also having recessed lighting added to the ceiling, one set of track lighting replaced and another added. That will eliminate at least two lamps and, hopefully, three and gimme light in this joint!

So that's the plan... The latest from Sheri was asking if she should hold off on the next step until all the pricing is in. The next step is to send the cabinet maker out for measuring. We already have pricing from him and his piece will take the longest so I told her to go ahead and give him the green light and let's get this ball rolling!!
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This entry was posted on Google+ and automagically ported here. All of it, including maybe links and photos can be found at this link (https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/KERPr93FNWZ)

Oh, I just had the best idea... The cabinet being built for my living room office has two 6ft. doors on it that open out like french doors. I'm going to get the inside of one painted with that paint that magnets stick to. And paint the inside of the other door with white board paint!
Genius, right??
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