Feb. 7th, 2012

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My breathing is fine. My ankle has healed. But a tiny cut on the index finger of my right hand is driving me nuts. WTF??!! It's actually my fault. Somehow yesterday, I got this tiny cut which, anyplace else, would have healed completely by now but it is in the exact spot where my knitting needle pushes and last night, instead of putting a bandaid on it or or just not knitting, I powered through and today it hurts like hell. Not flesh eating bacteria hurt but because I use that finger on that spot all day either typing or knitting, it does not stand a chance of getting better fast.

I've had a finger condom on it all morning but those suckers cut off circulation so now it's a tiny paper cut on a purple finger tip. I think when I come back from swimming, I'll slap a bandaid on it.

If it's not one thing, it's another. Sheesh.


Anita's here cooking away. Work is off/on and mainly off so I'm working down my list. Laundry is laundrying and I even did my CPA's tax info thing, packaged up the forms I have and readied them for the snail mail.

Swimming, then conf call and then.... who knows?
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As I get older and my balance gets untrustworthy, I find this very comforting...
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