Feb. 9th, 2012

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Amira and her daughter are here cleaning. Soon everything will be sparkly. Admittedly, knowing they have my back, I'm so not spend a lot of time cleaning in between their visits but even if they weren't coming and I was diligent, I'm still always amazed by how dirty a house can get even when you aren't trying. So, I'm always doubly grateful when they finish spiffing it up around here. I'm grateful for the clean house and oh so grateful that I don't have to do it myself.

Other than that, I think it will be a quiet Thursday. I have my swim class at noon. Work is likely to be very slow for the rest of this week.

Oh. I told Amira she didn't need to clean the high top of the desk credenza cause it was leaving and she asked if I was selling it and I said that I was going to give it to whoever would come get it on the appointed day. (Sheri has finding a desk recipient on her todo list.) Amira says she wants it. I told her that she could have it but she would have to pick it up on the day we told her to. The day the new stuff arrives. She said she would. I asked her 42 more times 'you swear?' 'I swear'.

I know as sure as I'm typing this out, come the day - she's going to be a no show. She'll have some excuse - the annual death of her best friend or her dog ate her broken truck. There will be some reason. But, I said ok. I sent a note to Sheri to let her know. I so hope I'm wrong and it all works out.
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This looks like a great excuse for a little trip to Vancouver. I'm jonesin for some Tim Horton's already!Vancouver’s own Fibre Festival? It’s true!
Join us at the Croatian Cultural Centre on October 13th and 14th, 2012 for a 2-day event featuring our Vendor Market Hall, lectures, workshops and maybe even a special guest or two!
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Today, I forgot to puff on my inhaler before swimming. Just yesterday I put one in my purse for emergencies but I didn't think this was one. I did not have all of my energy during class but it wasn't terrible. But, I did have a nice little cough going after. So I think the rule on that inhaler is that it't better to use it than not. But it's not critical. Good to know.

My voice also takes a hit when I don't use that inhaler. All afternoon it's been very hoarse and the last time the phone rang, I answered it with 'hello' that came out with zero sound... Happily the telemarketing robot didn't give a shit.

I'm not stressed about voice issues. I don't talk that much anyway.


Sheri, the designer running the living room redo, has a perfect Plan B if Amira backs out of the taking the desk and credenza at the last minute so I am no longer worry about that at all. Nice.
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