Feb. 24th, 2012

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Hilarious. +Matthew McQuilkin gets his undies twisted whenever the world refers to surrounding towns as being 'Seattle'. This is right up his ally.
This press release touts a not very impressive (most should be included in any stay anyway) list of benefits in their special Mariner package for a hotel 'near Safeco Field.'
ONLY... this hotel is on the other side of downtown from Safeco field. There are at least a couple dozen hotels - very nice ones - way way closer.http://www.marketwatch.com/story/seattle-mariners-fans-rejoice-at-new-promotion-from-hotel-near-safeco-field-2012-02-21
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Every deep end aqua exercise class starts off with the donning of the flotation belt. All the instructors tell you to put one on. They are not that comfortable but not that bad. Everyone else in the class loves 'em cause they keep them afloat. One guy in my Tuesday/Thursday class always wears two! He says this year is his year to learn how to swim.

Between my natural buoyancy (aka massive body fat) and my excellent swimming skills, I don't need one. I *think* I get a better workout if I use my muscles to keep me up and in the correct posture instead of relying on the belt/crutch.

But, what in the heck do I know???

When I ask an instructor, I get 'the belt is important to keep you afloat and enable you to maintain good posture'. But, I say, I can get both of those things without one. Do I need one anyway? 'If you don't think you need it then....' None of them really seem to know.

A look around websites shows that nearly every one I can find on aqua exercise/jogging/gym/etc, says the belt is essential. BUT they all sell belts. So today I found the AEA - Aqua Exercise Association website and it had a list of certified trainers and I picked about 6 and sent them each an email asking.

I'll be interested to see what info I get back, if any.

Also while I was pounding around looking, I found the website of a *local* store that sells serious swim stuff (as opposed to suits that make you look good on the beach). It's at Northgate (an area I often land in after swim class on Saturdays). I'm going to have to drop by sometime and check it out.

Work had me chewing off my hands until late last night. I finally figured out the issue (and that it wasn't me - thankyoujesus - and got the problem confirmed at 10 pm). Today things are slow and I am grateful for the break.

I think I'll just have me a pre-swim banana (in a losing attempt to quash foot cramps) and then hit the pool early today.
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Some of these are not new to me but others are and most, if not all, are GENIUS!
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Click on the link to see the whole entry: https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/S7pvpbBve26

note from my abs:
who the hell were you trying to impress out there with all those freakin' crunches. no one was even watching and now i'm all worn out and will be sore tomorrow. you will be sorry you fucked with me.
your midsection
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Do NOT come into my house to borrow my phone and then proceed to slander all nationalities that are not West Coast Washington United States. Really.

Oh now he is insulting the people on the phone - "Are you in the U.S. or the Philippines? How do I get to the U.S. people? You people in the Philippines don't know what you are doing."

My neighbors, Ron and Ann do not have cellphones ("we don't know how to use them and don't want them"). About a year or so ago, Clearwire (their internet provider) talked them into dumping their landline for one of Clearwire phones. At the time they asked me what I thought of the idea and I told them I thought it was not wise at all to put all of their communications in the hands of Clearwire.

Apparently, this morning their internet service (and, so, phone service) went out and hasn't come back. Ron came to borrow my phone. He has no clues how to use a smart phone so I had to stand here and climb through the Clearwire telephone tree for him.

After he finishes insulting the person on the other end of the line, he tells her he has to go home and get the numbers (serial numbers, I presume) and then come back and call her back.

I couldn't stand to listen any more so I told him to take the phone with him down the freakin hall and deal with it there.

I don't have a lot of patience on a good day but when someone is rude to people on my dime, that just does me in.

I know he'll come back to either get me to make another call or to return the phone and regale me with how stupid everyone is in the Philippines. Wonder if he knows how to hang up. Th giant END CALL button should be a clue but maybe not.

The Rest Of The Story...

He came back in 30 minutes and said "Well, finally after all that the person in the Philippines told me the tower over in Bellevue was down."

He did add that "maybe we need to think about getting a cellphone."

It just astonishes me that someone here in Seattle thinks it's perfectly fine and acceptable to denigrate entire classes and nationalities of people. My grandmother referred to the woman who cleaned out house for us once a week as 'that nigra' in front of her and in the south, at that time, that was not that unusual - humiliating when it's your own family member - but not that unusual.

One of the things I love about Seattle is the lack of tolerance for that kind of thing in general. I called out his wife, Ann, on it once and that kind of put an end to her doing in around me but apparently it was not contagious. Geesh. and Yuck.
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Click on the link to see the whole entry: https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/3m2Wwn9w7tz

Brian Williams, I love you but next time you feel the need to interview Danica Patrick, just get a room instead, k? You don't look that good in drool.
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I have felt pretty darned excellent for most of the last few weeks and am very grateful for it. I've been doing the Advair morning and night and the Combivent (the rescue inhaler) once a day - before I swim.

Today I forgot the Combivent. I noticed it first while showering after my swim. I was the heavy breather in the shower.... oh yeah baby. Not bad but enough to think... oops, forgot to suck on that sucker, didn't I.

I decided to let it go and see how the rest of the day went. The rest of the day went fine. I don't feel bad but I do feel a little out of breath. I think I'll take a hit before bed.

I do feel like I have the maintenance of this situation down. And it's not too bad at all. There are maybe a couple of things that I can't do that I could but really I can do all I really want to. If I had to climb the steps from the ground floor to up here (4th floor), I could maybe do it but I'd have to rest for a fair amount of time between flights. Going down the stairs is nothing. I do it most of the time instead of the elevator if my hands are empty.

I go back to the cute doctor two weeks from today. And back to the asshat doctor a month from never. I'm just not going to mention it to cute doctor and just not make an appointment with asshat. If I need a breathing doctor, I'll ask cute doctor to send me to a pulmonologist.

I think cutie pie can take care of what I need for now.
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