Feb. 25th, 2012

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Today will start off with swim class. Then The List. It's a short list. Hair cut, brunch, grocery. And it could change. Nothing is a Have To.

Except class. I sent emails to 7 water aerobics trainers yesterday. I heard from one. Her answer was really non committal. I am coming to think that wearing the flotation belt just offers a different workout - not better or worse. I may end up wearing it sometimes and sometimes not. Only one of my instructors feels strongly about it. So when I take his class, I will probably wear it.

Once home, I think today's project will be to empty out the rest of the desk and hutch and move the computers and electrical connections to the top of the table. Right now all the cables and plugs are hidden in a special compartment or under the desk.

If I move them all to the top, then on Wednesday when Amira comes to take it away, it will be easy and quick to move it to the kitchen counter and then to the temporary tables.

This is last no baseball weekend! Next Friday begins Spring Training games and this year all of them will be on the radio. In past years they have broadcast the weekend games but this year, it looks like there will be one on the air every day. Nice.

I do not have the feeling that the Mariners will be any better this year than most so my expectations are low but I will listen and watch and hope like every year.

Now I have about 45 minutes until time to leave for class... I hear a casual computer game calling...
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Snow!! Mixed with rain. Big old flakes. It was dry as a bone dowtown. Ya gotta love micro climates. But, here in the snow, surf's up. It's pool time!
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At rudy's waiting my turn for a haircut.
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Neighbor Ron recently had some kind of artery surgery and he slowly walks the hallways (since he can't get on the internet or make phone calls). When I came in just now he was walking the hall and

I asked "Did you get your phone back yet?"
He said "No, it was on for about 10 minutes this morning but not since then."
I said without thinking "Well, if you want to borrow my phone, come on down."
He said instead of Thank You, I will "Ok, I do have another number that calls to the U.S. directly and not the Philippines..."
I said "Stop, please. I do not want to hear that kind of talk. It offends me. If you want to use the phone, you can take it to your unit and use it, but I don't want to hear insults about other nationalities."

I did not even wait to get an answer - he looked pretty stunned and speechless anyway.

I am sorry they don't have service and know it is a hardship for them particularly now but that doesn't give him license to insult a whole country and make me hear it. They have neighbors/friends across the hall - they can use them for that.
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The official Brunch Report officially
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Somehow in my head, I had this scenario where one day Sheri and the furniture maker would come to install the new desk with whoever was taking the old desk. I'd unhook everything and move it to the kitchen counter and rehook it up there. Holy crap what in the hell was I smoking???

When Amira said she wanted the desk, I figured I'd wait until she got here and then do the move and rehook up thing.

Then I decided to go ahead and do it so that she could get in and get the desk out with a minimum of bother.

This last bit was the only smart thought of the bunch.

I just spent 3 hours unplugging unthreading unhitching and rehooking up everything and holyfuckinchrist. Leisurely with no one waiting on me and taking my time it was a royal bitch of a job. The desk has 3 gormets and each was filled with cables and cords. The hutch also had a way to thread stuff through. Everything was tangled in everything and filthy.

Plus, of course, Travis was there to help.

I finally got everything done except cleanup. Stuff I no longer need but was somehow using anyway: 3 power strips, 4 extension cords, 3 ethernet cables.

Here's what it looks like now

I'm done for today but clearly there is much more to do. I'm not living like this for 3 weeks (or maybe 4). BUT I am very glad I got this started so I found out now what a bitch of a job it is and get it all done before hand.

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Dinner was very unsatisfactory so now I'm looking forward to brunch tomorrow. I haven't decided where to go yet.


Feb. 25th, 2012 07:58 pm
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Ok, I moved the 'server' and monitor and got it set up on a table in front of the fireplace - all working. Whew.

I moved the router switch and extender to its on table out of the way. I restrung the network cable to the webcam. It's working again.

I set up a table for the printer, desktop and one monitor. I put the second desktop monitor on vacation - I can suffer with only one and if not, I'll hook it up again and strung the cable over to that table.

Tomorrow I'll move the desktop CPU, monitor, keyboards and printer over to the card table and that should really do it for the heavy lifting.

I still have 2 drawers to empty (small ones) and the top to clean off and put somewhere. But, the bulk is done and my aching back can testify.
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