Mar. 4th, 2012

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Breakfast details - spoiler= it was fabulous!!

Sunday nice

Mar. 4th, 2012 01:08 pm
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I'm not having the best breathing day but it's not the worse either. And I feel fine. It's just that it does not take much exertion to turn me into a heavy breather. Could be so much worse.

I had a great brunch at a new spot today. and while out, I saw three other Smart Cars. One was a beautiful burgundy wine color I had never seen before. Another one had a driver who returned my friendly wave! I still have never seen another green one like mine. And I still love the heck out of it. I get tickled every time I see it. Yesterday, I happened to park in several parking lots and noticed, ever time, that my little car was the cutest one in the lot!

I'm listening to the baseball game - the perfect Sunday afternoon delight.

I should do laundry but I probably will save that joy for later in the week. I am doing computer things today like rebooting the work computer - I like to do that once a week - just to get a fresh start.

I was thinking of installing the Windows 8 beta on my ASUS touch screen but to be honest I'm just not that curious about it. Maybe down the road, I'll give it a go.

Tomorrow, Sheri is coming over to do some kind of set up/check of stuff. Last she said, the work on the living room should be done week after next. I guess I'll find out more tomorrow.
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