Mar. 11th, 2012

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I moved all of the electronics out of the living room - well all but the basics needed to run this computer and my work laptop. They are all resting in the fish room and the bedroom. Travis and Betty are beyond curious. Wait until next week, kids. You are going to have your cat work cut out for you.

I am ready to get this project started!

They aren't coming until 10 tomorrow so by that time I should be caught up with work and can set up the work computer in the bedroom or the fish room and do whatever else needs to be done from there.

I have the cellphone as modem for when they cut off my router and modem. Sadly the last of my clueless neighbors - lynksys and netgear - have locked down their wireless. I think there may be one kind soul down the hall who is still running open if I get into trouble and need more. I'll have electricity to the rest of the house so I can keep things running.

I am so excited about finally being able to see in this dark room. 3 puny lamps will be totally tossed and I'll have 8 (I think, I can't quite remember) recessed spots on a dimmer. My tired old track lighting will be replaced by a bright shiny new one with a twin in another spot to highlight the artwork.

Plus the rats nest behind my TV will be replaced by a line of outlets enabling me to get rid of about 3 power strips and get organized.

For now, I'm good and I'm ready. There's a ballgame on the radio in just a few minutes and I haven't even seen CBS Sunday morning yet.
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60 Minutes used to be such great TV. Now it is like a very bad SNL sketch of itself. Sad.
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