Mar. 16th, 2012

A new day

Mar. 16th, 2012 07:25 am
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Just waking up and knowing no one will be working in my house today is enough to make me wake up doing the happy dance. But, I also woke up to my NPR station coming out of my new radio which has such rich sound that it's like butter on my ears. What a treat.

Then I stepped into the living room and was instantly rewarded by my last minute decision.

When we first started talking lights, I told Sheri and the electrician that top on my list of must have was remote control of the lights. They asked about dimming and I said nah. I'd never had it and so knew I didn't need it.

The remote turned out to be a problem. I'm not sure why but whatever. I realized that having one place to go (instead of the 4 I had before) would eliminate the need for a remote. And, for some reason, just last week, I decided I wanted a dimmer. I can't even remember why I changed my mind.

This morning, coming into the living room and turning on the lights, it was instantly clear that being able to dim them was a way better way to start the morning. Nice, very nice.

I spent a little time last night, getting stuff a little more organized.

And, while I would like everything finished, I'm kind of glad to have a few days off from the work. I'm coming to be fine with postponing everything til Tuesday. By that time I'll bet I'll be all ready to get it started and done again.

I'm turning into a cliche of an an old person set in her ways. hehehehe
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For some reason I am in such a good mood this morning that even dropping and breaking an egg from the fridge onto my foot and the rug, didn't put a dent into it.
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I just cleaned about 4 cubic feet of dust off my ceiling fan. It's easy to clean. It's not clear to me why I always wait it until the alternative is feeding the dust bunnies.
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[ profile] bitterlawngnome was asked what his very earliest memory was and it got me to thinking about mine... It is very clear. August 19, 1953. Kansas City, Missouri. I was 4. My mom was in the hospital with my new baby brother who had been born the day before. She would stay there 2 days. The norm in those days was 3 days but Mom was not normal. It seemed to me, at 4 and a half, that she had been there forever anyway.

My sister (18 months younger than me) and I were not allowed in the giant red brick hospital. But, Daddy took us to the parking lot and Mom stood at a window way up high and waved at us.

I love that memory. I love that Daddy did that.


I also love that I am being so productive today. Work is dead quiet so far so I'm doing laundry and dusting and shaking out drop cloths and folding them for next week. I moved the one computer on a rolling cart back to the living room because it's screensaver is my favorite photos and I missed seeing them.

I took my two floor lamps down to the garage. There's an area where you can leave stuff you don't want. If no one claims them by this weekend, I'll hustle them to the Goodwill. But nothing ever stays there for longer than a day. I have two more items to go down there - an old radio and an old TiVo.

Right now I'm on break. I remember when I first quit smoking, I'd be doing chores around the house and never stop because a stop, always before, had been for a cig break. No cigs, no breaks. It was one of the most difficult non smoking tricks to learn - to stop w/out a cigarette.

Next up... my nightstand needs a fix - I think it needs replaced but I can't find one I love so I'm going to see if I can fix it (the pasteboard broke apart at the bottom... wood glue). The dining room table delivery is scheduled for between 10:30 and 12:30. Then I'm going to swim and then I'm going to return the radio I bought earlier this week.

The building outside my terrace got its first above ground wall yesterday. I'm thinking it might be up to my height by the time the Tree That I Hate gets full leaves back.

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Wait... Penny got something technical incorrect?? Quelle surprise!
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I saw my first green Smart Car (other than mine) in the wild today - corner of 23rd and MLK. It was a convertible, though and mine isn't. But, he did blink his lights and me and wave. Wonder if I was his first, too?

table fail

Mar. 16th, 2012 06:31 pm
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The table came and the dudes who brought it were not underemployed... I am a true fan of second hand smoke but they both smelled like very stale cigarette smoke and they were clearly not the brightest bulbs in my new light fixtures.

But, they got it together and it is a fabulous table. The minute they left, I headed out for the pool. I worked hard at the pool and then it was on to the store to return a radio. I grabbed a Wendy's burger and fries (no need to do that again) and then home.

The dryer was finished but clothes not folded.
Tweedledee and Dumber salted the entire condo with styrafoam.
My two new plug/usb extenders arrived.
There was dust everywhere.

So I folded all the clean clothes and vacuumed up the junk and replaced the outlets in the bedroom. Now I have NO power strips or extension cords in use in the house. None. And I can charge both phones and my Kindle Fire in the bedroom off the wall outlets. Nice.

Then I washed the new table. There was one spot I could not get until finally I realized it gouges in the undercoating. Yikes. I called the store and the nice woman who answered the phone asked me to take photos and send them to her which I did.

She called back in about an hour to say that they were going to replace the table but they didn't have any so it will be June. Actually, I'm ok with that. It's not bad enough to even notice unless you are cleaning the table. I just won't let anyone clean it til June.

Then I spent an hour trying to figure out my latest doctor bill/insurance/health reimbursement... I'm pretty sure I've now paid $500 too much - but I'll get it back one way or the other. The hour I spent made me feel more ready to communicate with the table delivery boys.

I think all this dust and junk flying around the house has fucked with my lungs. It's not as easy to breathe today as most days. It's not horrible but I do notice the difference. I think it's all under control for today and the next dust storm, if there is one, won't be until next Tuesday and there might not be one then, either. I've been breathing so nicely, I'd like to keep that up.
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