Mar. 22nd, 2012

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Turns out handy-man time is really only an hour off real people time. "If he says he'll be here at 8..." it actually means he'll be here at 9. And within 15 minutes, he'd looked into the ceiling and decided that the electrician did something wrong.

He told me that it will affect my telephone line. I told him I had no telephone line. He said it will affect my security system. I told him I had no security system. He said it will affect my telephone line and, again, I told him I had no telephone line. "You have no telephone???" "I have two cellphones and no land line phone." "Oh." He called Sheri. I didn't listen.

I think the big money now is on what time in the next two days, Sheri will tell me that this will not be done by Friday and that I will have to live with piles of shit all around for yet another weekend. She said she'd be here with the cabinet maker about 10. So, what's that in real tine, noon?

I am not skipping the pool today.
This guy talks to himself. And I'm not talking muttering... he talks to himself in complete sentences. Pretty funny actually.
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It was decided this afternoon that we spill on to Monday. Actually, the decision was likely made last Tuesday and everyone (Sheri) has just been kidding themselves that it could be finished this week. I'm ok with it. I figured it was coming anyway.

Here's what my bedroom looks like now.


Here's what the living room looks like now.


There's another big pile o' crap on the other side of the room and one in the fish room and some stuff in the hallway.

We discovered this afternoon that Sheri thought I had ordered the monitor mounts (3 will go on the wall) and she thought I had. Honestly I don't remember and it doesn't matter because it led to a discussion with the guy who will be hanging them who pointed out there were not enough studs in the right places.... arugh! But, he quickly came up with a lovely work around so now we're back on track there.

Oh and Amazon will be sending the monitor mounts. Tomorrow, I hope.

The painter comes tomorrow. The rest of the electrician stuff now won't happen until Monday.

My TiVos seem to be ok but I now have a plan. If they will hang on until September, I'll get one of the new Elite's. Maybe.

Meanwhile tonight I'm going to watch the old TiVos and knit bear.
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Routinely during the day I have to move shit from one pile to another so that workers can work various places. Today, the cat beds had to be out of the way so I plopped them on top of the ottomans that were crammed up against the kitchen counter.

Tonight I was eating at the table which I felt something move on top of the ottomans...

Travis apparently decided to make the best of it.

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