Mar. 23rd, 2012

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My walls have 'orange peel' texture and the spray on texturing needed to fix over the patches stinks up a storm.  Fortunately, it is warm enough to have the door open - loud but warm...  The construction across the street is going great guns this morning, too.

Jeff the handyman has been here since about 8:30.  Sheri arrived at 10 and Dinah the painter just got here - Sheri went down to get her.  

I'm ready for everyone to get done and get out but we're several hours away from that.  If there is any work work today, it will be minimal so no distraction there.  I absolutely will be going to the pool today - in about an hour or less, I think.  I am ever so grateful for the condo rule that says no workers after 5.

Yesterday I priced out the TiVo Elite and how it would fit into my watching scheme.  My plan was to wait until September, buy a lifetime subscription and kill my current month to month bill.  And then last night one of my TiVo menus said the Elite had a price reduction and today I see that the new pricing structure not only drops the price of the Elite by 25%, it also drops the month to month which is important to my backup plans.  So... anyway... bottom line... I pulled the trigger on the Elite this morning.  I have paid my last monthly TiVo bill.  Nice. 

Now that you can transfer your programming (Season Passes) online easily, it makes switching boxes way more palatable. Also nice is now having all the electrical and other cabling behind the TV sorted out and labeled and finally easy to switch.  Whew.  I'll start moving stuff off the box I'm retiring to the one I'm keeping this weekend so I'll be ready.  

I am not that impressed with the TiVo corporation or customer support.  In the last 5 years or so, they seem to have lost their way.  BUT, they are still - for my money - the best option around for the kind of TV watching/recording I do.  I have not seen anything else that comes close or tempts me in even the tiniest way.  So I'm ok with reinvesting with them.

Dinah is here now.  Dinah painted this place originally and painted my fish murals in the fish room.  And then came back last Summer and painted my bathroom.  In fact, she's really responsible for this whole project.  I'd been thinking about doing it but had not moved past that.  She ran into Sheri last Autumn and told Sheri about the bathroom.  Sheri sent me an email just to say hi and that started this ball rolling...  

Dinah's a kick and very fast and very efficient.  And oh so pleasant to be around.  

But, Sheri is taking charge so I think I'll get the fuck out of here and go swim and then stop by the grocery on the way back.
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I had a great great swim today. I took my time and stayed until I was swum out. It was luxurious and lovely. I was in the shower when I took my suit off and noticed that the ass end of it was getting dangerously thin... No the crotch but the backside where I would sit if I sat in this suit which I really don't. Weird and sad. I did love this suit but all the color is fading out and now the butt's going... time to retire. Sigh.

Then I went to the grocery store and stocked up. It will be more than a week before Anita's back causing a serious dinner shortage here at SDHQ...

When I got home, Dinah was still here and Sheri was in the kitchen with all the stuff from under the kitchen sink out on the floor and the counter. Turns out that when Dinah went to wash off her brushes, the pipe somehow took that opportunity to separate and flood out the cabinet. Sheri quickly turned off the water. Jeff (the handyman) put the pipe back together and sealed it and by the time I got here there really was nothing left but to tell the story. Wild. I am so grateful they were all here to fix it.

Now it is mid afternoon and Dinah has finished. The bench making guy just delivered the bench that will be my new desk chair/dining room table bench. It's really cool. It's the same fabric and shape as the orange chair and ottoman. It has really cool hidden casters. Nice.

The floating shelves above the cabinet are nearly done. Jeff's on the phone right now with Tracy the cabinet maker about the monitor mounting system...

And the beat goes on...
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I now just discovered that it will be at least Tuesday afternoon before this is all finished. Probably Wednesday, maybe Thursday.

I'm so glad I insisted that it be planned and organized to take the fewest number of days possible. Had I not, it would probably be finished in 2013 or later... Might be then anyway.

Fuck fuck fuck
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Instead I smile and keep quiet. My back is killing me from working on a low bench with no back which is the best I've got since I can't get to the living room. Sheri just came in here to ask about the height of something and I told her, in the nicest possible tone I could muster, that I was too frustrated and stressed to make any such decisions. I told her to use her best judgement and I'd love whatever she did. Fortunately she backed off and so I didn't have to hurt her.

And to think that there is another week of this is just putting me over the edge.

SO GET OUT NOW and at least let me start my people free weekend.

It's 4 and they have to be out by 5 so now would work as well as in an hour and it would keep me from screaming or hurting people. BTW, Betty and Travis feel exactly like I do.
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Click on the link to see the whole entry:

The other day +Matthew McQuilkin told me that cyclists not wearing helmets 'is very rare'.... So I started counting. That was last Sunday. Since then, I have seen on Seattle city streets, 18 cyclists. 8 of them were not wearing helmets.
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Not good news, probably, for the quality of this journal, but I have discovered that having a little tantrum on LJ helps! It's nice to scream even in all caps and it's lovely to read it after and know that I lived and no lives were lost.

Everyone is gone. I made a fast trip to Home Depot to get some different flood lights and see if I could make things brighter at night. Dinner is just about ready.

Things are looking a boatload better now and I expect even that will improve as we get into the weekend.
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