Mar. 26th, 2012

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In about an hour we start again. Jeff the handy man should be here between 8 and 9. Sheri and the cabinet maker should be here about 10ish.

Putting all that stuff in order this weekend really did help my attitude. It was wonderful this morning, to get up and not only be able to navigate the bedroom without killing myself tripping over stuff but to see it all sorted and ready to be stored instead of all over the place in piles.

I do not love organizing but I do love the result a lot. There is a lot more to do but everything that was out in my face is done.

I'm seriously considering moving my bear stuffing and maybe even The Basket itself into the drawers of the new cabinet. Maybe. The stuffing now lives in an ottoman that has been beside my chair but I think will not be soon.

The tall fish cupboard needs to come across the room into a new corner so that will shift everything else around. Sheri's working on a plan but none of that will be done until at least Wednesday.

On a very joyful note, my new internet radio turns out to be the perfect solution to the NPR pledge drive problem. They used to not start the annoying chatter until 7 but this morning they started at 6:05 so I just hit the button for the other Seattle NPR station. Relief! I can easily change the alarm station from any computer in the house (as well as at the radio). So nice. So so nice.

I have a big work project today and I will go to the pool and I will try to keep it together until 5 pm when everyone leaves. That's the plan for today...
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Much progress was made today. We got the monitors hung. YEAH! I could hook them up but the stuff would just get in the way tomorrow and Wednesday, so I'll wait.

But at least it looks less like a construction site around here.


Work kept me busy pretty much all day. I did get in a swim which was wonderful.

Jeff, the handyman, said that he would put together the new bookshelf/night stand. So I ran off to Home Depot to get the one I wanted. All is now ready. I could probably put it together myself but I think I'll let him do it. He does not have a full day of stuff tomorrow anyway.

Tonight I'm going to be doing nothing. Quietly. By myself.
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