Mar. 29th, 2012

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There is no one coming to work here today. Hallefuckinglooyah!

The living room is clear o' stuff but the rest of the place isn't so tidy. Today, as work allows, I'll be putting stuff away/back. There are lots of little things like running the vacuum over the terrace carpet and big things like organizing what goes into the new furniture where and what, if anything, I need to get at the Storables store on Saturday.

I will go to the pool today. It's class day so I will be there at noon ready to move!

I have a load of every heavy stuff that needs to go to Goodwill.

The dining room table needs chairs. I'm getting two. I have ottoman's for additional seating. Sheri and I looked at bunch of chairs and finally settled on the ones I found at IKEA originally. I ordered them. The shipping fees were steep but still cheaper than my taking a couple of hours and driving to the store and wrestling them into the Smart Car and home.

I also ordered a refurb Viewsonic monitor to replace the one that died.

And, of course, there is the deliciously beautiful triptych stained glass for the transom window that will be really the crown on the whole thing.

So all will not be complete right away but I think I can make great strides towards the goal of neat and tidy and organized and a really beautiful and function living room/office!


Mar. 29th, 2012 10:27 am
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You know how in some people's homes hangers multiply in the dead of night? Well, in my house it's extension cords.

I had one shelf on the terrace where I had been throwing extension cords and power strips and the like. This morning I went through the house and gathered up all the rest of the extension cords and power strips and joined them with the pile on the terrace. I saved 5 power strips and took 17 down to the 'free if you want it' shelf in the garage. Then I sorted all the rest and put them into like bins back on the shelf.

When I came back up from the garage, as I passed the bedroom, I spied 2 more extension cords!!! Did they get lose? Or where they hiding when I did the gathering???

I have most of the rest of the stuff sorted out and put away into the new furniture. It works very well.

I do not have enough desk space but, I specifically wanted to keep it the desk top minimal so it would not become the landing place for crap. I may have overdone it but Maybe not. I do love how it is so small and tidy.

Work has not been too demanding this morning so I have been able to get a bunch o' shit put away. I'm not finished but I'm making great progress.
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hey, UPS... how come you so late today??? surely it's not this piddly amount of rain.
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