Apr. 9th, 2012

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The glasses I have been using for a year are bifocals. I only wear them when I'm working on the computer or watching TV or both (hence the need for bifocals). I paid way too much for them and have always always hated the frames.

Hopefully, on May 22, I won't ever need them again and I think they know their time is near...

This morning, one of the arms fell off.

A while back, I was at the checkout of some store waiting in line and perusing the 'here's shit you don't need but since you are standing here waiting, you might as well buy' shelf when I spied one of those tiny eyeglass repair kits and bought it.

I have no clue where I put it but now, since I have all that kind of shit neatly organized in drawers in my new cabinet, I knew where to find it and I did.

How in the hell do people who need glasses see well enough to manipulate that teensy screwdriver and those tiny tiny screws???? It took a while and I did it wrong the first time but finally, I got the arm back on. Now if it will only stay on for six more weeks.

I have another pair of frames I like much better. If. after surgery, I have to have glasses that aren't cheap readers, I'll use them.

Work is busy this morning but it will likely drop off considerably the rest of the week.

I'm waiting now for 3 more bits to get back from QA and then I'm off to the pool.
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today is the kind of day that reminds you checking long term investments on a daily basis can be depressing. thankgod for my macdonald's stock. when everything else is losing ground, that stuck is always in the green. i guess people check and get the kind of depressed that only a big mac and fries will fix.
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