Apr. 10th, 2012

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The electricity went off almost exactly at 10:30. I gathered my stuff and went to MacDonalds for a snack and free wifi. Then on to the pool for a most enjoyable swim class. Now I am at the library which has very very speedy free wifi. Nice. And electrical outlets.

I brought my work laptop but also I dug out the old CR-48 that Google sent me way back when. It has the longest battery life and I still have 100MB a month of free wifi from Verizon.

I love that this machine can sleep for months at a time and then I can jar it awake, run an update and bam, I'm in biz. It even knows my passwords and favorite sites. It's not that fun a machine to use for every day but it's so Red Cross in an emergency.

ooops, I just got kicked out of the section I was enjoying in the library. The sign says that it's reserved for kids and their parents but there was not a soul there... So I sat. And I was kindly asked to move my aged ass. So I did.

This is a nice, nice library. I have not spent any time in a library in forever. In and out to borrow books was it for years and years and now I don't even do that since I borrow books online. I am currently sitting on a very comfy chair in the Teen section. I'm actually in between 'Teen Graphic Novels' and 'Teen Series'.

I keep pinging my Drop Cam. https://www.dropcam.com/p/AksU13 Since it does not need anything but electricity (no router, no ip assignment, nothing else), I figure when the electricity is back on, it will be my first indication.

My brother ordered a Drop Cam to show the retail side of his shop so they could monitor it while they were in the back. He ordered and then didn't hear anything so dropped them a note asking when it would be shipped. He got a response very quickly that they were planning to ship at the end of April but the email writer offered to bump him up on the list if he wanted. Bill wrote back that he wanted. That was yesterday. Today he got a notice that his cam has been shipped 2nd day air!! Very cool.

I really think these folks have a great product with a great service. Easy and affordable. The camera is less than half the cost of my other one and the service is free. There are pro accounts if you want to record and save but I don't need or want that. So free works fine for me. Very cool.

I just checked and saw that Neighbor Ann's iPad has arrived. Nice.

Work seems to be doing fine without me. I can check emails and so follow along with what's happening. I have one errand to run and I might go do that. I could go home and use the cellphone hotspot for internet access.

Sitting here writing this one entry is getting a little boring... So, I'm off.
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Everything is put away and all technical stuff has been fixed. The internet radios were not happy but they finally fell in line. My work laptop did not want to come alive at all. Then it said there was no battery (look at your ass, buddy, it's right there) then it wanted a big update. Finally, when all was done, it decided there was a battery and it was even charged 100%.

My dream scheme wallpapers on the desktop failed but I need to redo that whole thing anyway. At least the TiVos are happy.

Tomorrow I have no one coming to work or do anything here. I have no conference calls. I doubt there will even be much work. I can swim when I want for as long as I want.

Today turned out fine but really I am looking forward to tomorrow.
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