Apr. 16th, 2012

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Last week when I was looking into possible pool alternatives when mine gets shut down for a month, I discovered that the pool I go to on Saturday has a class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1:30-2:15.

It is on the other side of down town and 9 miles from here. On Saturday, when everyone is still asleep, it's a piece of cake but I'm not sure about weekdays - even outside of rush hour.

Assuming work is as slow today as I think it will be, I'm going to give the trip a try today. I think I'll leave here about 12:45 or so and see what it takes to get there and back. If the teacher is as good as the Saturday one, it might be totally worth it.

Nothing much else going on.

My brother sent out an email this morning saying that he is doing good but will likely stay in the ICU 'for a couple more days'. Then he said that the pain drugs were making him fuzzy but he was fine and expected to go home tomorrow. Er... I think those pain drugs are doing their thing! At least he's alive enough to send an email.

Chef Anita comes tomorrow and then Amira the house cleaner on Thursday so I'm treasuring the few days I have my house to myself this week. Also no doctor appointments or any other disruption to normal service. And only one conference call. Nice.

While I wait for confirmation of what little work work I will have today, I think I'll watch a podcast I recorded yesterday.
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Click on the link to see the whole entry: https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/TvRVmsgW1B2

Woot!! My new stained glass windows will be here tomorrow and I just got word from my favorite handyman that he will be here Wednesday to hang them!!
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Click on the link to see the whole entry: https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/WR3Rpq59DVY

So... Middle of the day takes me 20 mins to get to this pool - about the same as sat am. it's doable once a week. Jury's still out on more.
And... I'm now 40 mins early for class.
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Click on the link to see the whole entry: https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/by6vdybPcid

Wow. Just ran into my favorite teacher from my regular pool and he's transferring to tnis pool. A promotion for him... This could make this pool a bit mor convenient... Hmmm
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Interestingly it does not take nearly as long to get to my Saturday pool on a Monday as I thought and yet, it feels way longer. Coming back, for instance, the class ended at 2:15. It was 2:25 before I was showered and in the car. I pulled into my parking space at 2:47. But it felt like a long trip both ways. Interesting.

When I got to the Meadowbrook pool, I walked in the door and there was Montrell. My favorite teacher from the Medgar Evers pool. We were equally shocked to see each other plus I doubt he'd ever seen me in dry clothes.

Turns out he got a promotion and has moved to my Saturday pool. As of tomorrow morning.

Wow. This leaves my regular pool with exactly zero good teachers and adds another good one to my Saturday pool that already has a boatload of good ones.

Who's in charge of the schedule??!!!

The class today - at the Saturday pool - was, on the whole very good. The teacher was good - not great but good. She only teaches that class on Mondays. I don't know what Wednesdays and Fridays look like.

At least we've got options and choices and variety. Better than a drought by far!!
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Click on the link to see the whole entry: https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/LdYd7r2K6z3

I read that the Stranger won a Pulitzer and I ran to their site to get the skinny.... Apparently, I wasn't the only one. I love their 'site down' page.
Probably why they got the Pulitzer!
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