Apr. 17th, 2012

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And, Amazon, faxing you information is how I would have expected to do it in 1992 not 2012. faxing????? really?????
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today clearly must be National (or International?) Annoy The Hell Out Of Me Day - now Amazon is taking their shot - over a mystery $2.44 charge on my debit card.
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And... both the people who invented and the people who use packing peanuts should be forced to live in a house full of them from now until forever.
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It is only 11 and already there have been 5,000 irritants. But, my stained glass windows arrived and Chef Anita is here to fill up my freezer so how bad could it be???

I found a $2.44 charge to my debit card in my bank account this morning from Amazon. I never use my debit card on Amazon. I sent them an email asking them how, on their site, I could verify, in one place, all of my electronic and non-electronic (kindle, games, refunds, etc) all on one page. In order to find the charge. They replied that I need to fax them the information that I had included in the email. Fax??? Hello last decade!

So I went to chat. After many many tries, I finally squeezed the info out of the chatter that there was no such charge on my account. He said I would have to talk to someone and so they called. The guy who called knew nothing. He asked me my name and I knew that I was going to have to start from scratch so I just hung up.

I called the bank. The first person I talked to got minimal info from me, filed a case and told me I'd hear in 10 days. Done.

The stained glass windows arrived in a giant box with enough packing peanuts to fill my living room. It took me 30 minutes (literally) to get to the box that contained the windows because I refused to let the packing peanuts get everywhere. So picking them up was 98% of unpacking and took forever.

The hanging hardware did not make it. The UPS store guy called and left a message saying it will be here Friday. Since the guy is coming tomorrow to hang them, this is not that helpful. After swimming and after my conference call and after Anita leaves, I'll go out and try to find replacements.

BUT the windows are even more beautiful than [livejournal.com profile] earthmother45's photos. Seriously, they are just amazing.

Then work threw in a giant wrinkle. Which, had someone bothered to send me an email about would have not caused the 25 emails it took to straighten out. Working on a site that gets so many hits a minute can be not that much fun sometimes. I am on the bottom of the totem pole which is fine by me but it does make me the last to know and so can be a little frustrating.

So it's now been about 15 mins since something fucked up. For today that is a record. Maybe my luck will hold!

Now I'm off to swim. I'll upload the unpacking pix when I get back.
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And to make this day of a thousand paper cuts a real record breaker, the mail brings a new medical bill which reconciles with neither my insurance or my HRA account. I am going to ignore it today. But tomorrow morning, I will be wasting yet another set of hours of my life reconciling this shit again.
I am grateful for the insurance and grateful for the HRA money but goodlordinheaven could they make it any more confusing??????


Apr. 17th, 2012 03:47 pm
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All the little things are all taken care of except the medical bill which is tomorrow's chore.

And I have a wonderful dinner to heat and eat.

And beautiful stained glass which will be in my windows tomorrow.


I went to Home Depot and found good chain easily but then ran into problems with hooks to hang it from. I now have three different kinds. I'll just return the ones that Steve (the hanger) doesn't use. I'm all ready for him.

And Anita left the kitchen so clean and tidy. She always does but somehow today it's just more important to me.

So things are calm. I am calm. There's a baseball game tonight. All is fine.

Oh and I think my brother is home from the hospital.
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