Apr. 19th, 2012

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For years and years, whenever I hit a take this job and shove it pothole at work, I would spend spare time polishing my resume. As I think about it now, I realize that is why my resume was and is always up to date!

For 15 of my work years, I worked for IBM in a job that dictated frequent changes. (I wrote speeches for mid level executives - before and for product announcements. I'd move to the location and help prep the executive in charge for about a year before the announcement and then for about six month after and then lather, rinse, repeat. It was mostly fun, exiting, and way too busy to think about anything other than the next task.

I've been very lucky. When stuff got bad, I rarely had any trouble finding something better. One time I had this great job that took a sudden bad turn (great manager promoted, new guy pretty but brainless). After 3 weeks, I came one one night spitting bullets and ready to hurt anyone and anything, to a message on my machine from a recruiter. I called her back so fast the phone buttons melted. She wanted me - really really wanted me - for a job at a start up who's offices were across the street from my house. Seriously, can you get luckier than that??

(And, as an aside, that was less than 15 years ago. Who has to go home to get messages any more??? Who's phone has buttons????)

The past few months on this project have been very frustrating. In the past week or two - even though there hasn't been much work to do, that work has been the kind that makes you just want to slit your wrists.

The problem is that when I think about what my perfect job would be, it's this one. So... I'm wondering if maybe it isn't time to hang up my work hat.

There are two main factors to consider. Money and Mentality

Last night, instead of updating my resume, I wandered around the web looking at financial sites and retirement calculators. I could do it. I have enough. I won't be 65 for two more years and I'd have to pay through the ass for health insurance for those two years but, it's doable, I think, without having to cut way back on stuff.

But mentally, I just don't think I'm there yet. Last night while falling asleep, I considered what my day/life would look like without a job. I mentally removed the work computer from the living room and structured my days. And that's where I hit the roadblock.

Nothing I could think of to do, volunteer, travel, explore, worked for me. I think I'm going to have to cut the ropes and feel the void to fill it and, I'm just not ready to do that yet. I don't think.

It's lovely and luxurious to have the options, though. And going through the mental exercise helps. Something tells me that when the time is really right, I will really know it.
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I'm having yet another kill me now day work wise. I hate 'issues'. And I particularly dislike people 'issues'. Why can't everyone be perfect like me? Is that too much to ask????

BUT on a much brighter side, Amira was just here to clean and we tested the vacuum in all the plugs with the lights on and no circuit issues. Whew. And yeah!

Now I have my house back to no workers until a week from Tuesday. Just me and the cats (who will definitely be doing no work) and friends. Nice.

I have one errand I want to run today but I don't have enough time before swimming and I am going to let NOTHING get in the way of or shorten my swim today. Nothing.

After that, I'm hoping to have a nice, quiet afternoon followed by a delicious Anita dinner and a winning baseball game.
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