Apr. 20th, 2012

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***This is a Molly Rant
Dear Online Retailer, I just filled out the way too limited customer support form on your website to explain my issue.
1. 500 characters??? Why force me to Twitter my comment???
2. The 'thank you' page says you will respond withing 4 business days.... FOUR business days????? My customer support issue is so inconsequential to you that you can sit on it for nearly a week???
I've enjoyed doing business with you in the past. But I need to spend my money with people living and working in the now, not the five years ago.
Love, me
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The past few days have put me way over my quota of frustrating, and stress. So today will be different.

After all my thinking and spinning on retirement, late yesterday, my investment guy calls and wants to come by next week to review my stuff. He generally does this about once a year but I thought the timing was pretty funny. He's such a good guy. I'm so lucky to have him. And, now, for the first time, I have a table for him to use for his briefcase instead of having to balance it on his knees. Won't he be trilled?

I've done some chores this morning and marked stuff off my todo list. My water mp3 player is charging and has a new tune set on it. I'm on a Queen kick. Turns out we are the champions. Not clear who the other part of 'we' is but I'm fine with being a champion. The player is now charging and getting ready for today's swim.

Yesterday we got a new teacher and it was beyond not good. He's a tiny little skinny white guy who looks about 12. He cranked up the very bad music and then proceeded to scream at us. We asked him to use the mike and he said he didn't like it. He was enormously difficult to follow and being screamed at over loud music was not as much fun as you might think.

If he's around today, I'm might suggest that maybe he reconsider the mike thing at least until we get to know his exercise list. Or I might just leave it alone and start going to other classes. When I got word that the pool was going to close for a month, I started looking at other options. Even within the city pool system, there are some things to try. Or I can just go to my pool every day at 11 and do my own thing. Turns out we are the champions, so there.

I need some new sandals. Cheap, wear everyday, wear out by next winter sandals. I think I'll probably go find some tomorrow after swim class/breakfast.
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The new pool kid was actually the first lifeguard on duty today when I got there so I just walked right up to him and asked him if I could offer a suggestion for his class. He was really very nice and interested and listened. He said that he had already decided to use the mike. He asked me several times for more feedback and to please let the other people in the class know that he wanted to know. So I won't bale on him quite yet. I also found out he's only Thursdays.

Queen and I had a great session. So it was fine.

When I got home there was a note from my project manager (who lives in Portland) that she would be in town next Friday and 'let's all do lunch'.

My gift to myself was to send her a nice note explaining that I would not be able to join them.

The last time I went to a 'let's all do lunch' thing for work it was horrible. Different crowd, yes, but same general area (425). I work at home by myself on purpose. I used to be fairly pleasant to be around but now I'm old and cranky I think it's just better that my contact with work people is online. Better for all of us.

There is a cop on the Front Door TV Network. Who the fuck turned me in???!!!!!!
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Just watched episode 1 of NYC 22. At the risk of raining bad karma on it, I think it's got legs. I'm looking forward to episode 2.
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Ha!! Turns out neither of my cats can spell!!! If I say the word 'dinner' out loud, they shoot off for the kitchen, but I just asked them if they wanted d i n n e r and they just sat there. Yeah! I can spell and they can't! I feel so superior.
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I love this! Wish it showed a calendar month, too.
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