Apr. 22nd, 2012

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In the olden days, I often went to the same place for brunch Sunday after Sunday, but then [livejournal.com profile] london1952 and a couple of others gave me the idea to blog my brunches. This turned out to be great fun but also has led me to look for and try new places a lot more than ever before. I'm not opposed to return visits... last weekend, I went back on Sunday to the place I found on Saturday. But, new places are fun, too.

There are a fair number of as yet unexplored by me restaurants in parts of town where parking sucks. On Sundays usually it's as hard to find but it is free. So I have a list of Sunday places to try that won't work as well on Saturdays.

Also timing... Lots of places don't open until 10. Sometimes that's ok but often I like to get started before then. So my list includes those that open earlier.

I was thinking this morning, of popping over to a French place not terribly far from here but looking ahead... next week, I'll need a special place. My handy man is coming about 11 so I'll need a place that opens early, is close - a place I can get in, get a great breakfast and get home by 11. That's the French place. So I'm saving it.

But, there is a spot, on Capital Hill, that's been on my list for a while. Capital Hill is the heart of Seattle's gay population. It's a bear for parking but... on Sundays the parking is free. This place opens at 9 and gays (a sweeping generalization here) sleep in. So, hopefully, I can pop over there at 9, grab a spot and give this place at try.

Then home for the baseball game and a nice, quiet, bear knitting day.
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Click on the link to see the whole entry: https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/HwyYaEr2t3z

Today's brunch - which was technically breakfast, I think.
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Click on the link to see the whole entry: https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/JUiqYZHn3NT

This brings new meaning to the old 'sleeping with the fishes'...
(Note: someone in one of my circles posted this originally which is how I saw it, But the original posted made it 'limited' and so morally unsharable. when that happens, such as this time, I go to the link and share that directly. It seems like cheating but I don't know how to do it any other way.)
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It started with a phone call last night. Which I did not get - didn't hear it ring and didn't see the voice mail until this morning. Tracy, the cabinet maker, wanted to see if he could come by about 5 tonight. He's going to put latches on two big drawers he built. They have a hard time staying closed on their own.

One if them is in the fish bed and it's full. So I emptied it out completely and needed something to put the contents in so I went to the bedroom closet and immediately decided that today is Clean Out Shit Day.

Half the drawer is now in the Goodwill bin. In the closet, once I got everything out, I found a large bin of office stuff I thought I had tossed out. Yeah that I did not. But all of it needed to be put away into the new furniture. Done. The bin is for the two bed covers that I use once in a while so I cleared them out of the other closet along with a lamp. Then I pulled the rest of the crap out of the corner in that other closet and put it in the Goodwill pile.

Now everything has a place or is in the Goodwill pile which will go to Goodwill next week.

And... I discovered a whole two shelf half of a credenza that is empty. That makes me feel rich. Storage space to spare. Wow.

I still have to clear out the other drawer he wants to work on but it's an easy one to do.
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It took me forever to finally cut my land line off and even when I did, I got a backup cellphone. It kind of made sense at the time, but not really. Since it was Sprint, I converted one number to Google voice and forwarded it to the other.

Finally today I decided to dump the backup. What put me over the edge was a call from my brother. When my phone rings, I've long noticed the pop up window on Google. But when he called last time, I knew I couldn't make it to the bedroom where the phone was so I clicked on the window and BAM, we were talking. DOH.

So now my laptop is my backup phone. I set up the correct number in Google voice and chat and declared the other one done.

The contract for the other one - the Samsung Epic - expires the first week in June. The savings of only one phone will be right at $50 a month. Ending the contract a month early is going to cost me $50. I don't even need to pull out the calculator. The billing cycle just started so I can't do it for a month anyway, so I turned off the Epic and put a 'don't use this phone number this one instead...' on the voice mail.

I feel lighter!
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Click on the link to see the whole entry: https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/PRt3VCiVQUj

I think Veep has some room for improvement. Could go either way.
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