Apr. 29th, 2012

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Brkfst or here it's le petite dejune
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Another great weekend breakfast...
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I did not intentionally miss my 45th high school reunion but only because I did not know it was happening. Had I known the miss would have been intentional. I got pix today from the 6 who made it (we only had 32 in the class so 6 is really not a bad turn out, percentage wise). I remember and recognized 4 of them, they other 2, I have no clue.

(And, now that I think about it, why didn't they just post the pictures on Facebook instead of mailing them?)

I have never had any desire to reunion with any group. It's not that they were horrible - they weren't. I hated school but both my high school and my college experiences were fail on my part, not my classmates'.

I am not a failure now so you'd think I'd want to go back and show them that I turned out way better than they probably thought I would but honestly, I don't care. So I pass.


Apr. 29th, 2012 03:05 pm
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It has been a while since I've had breathing issues. A nice while, I might add. Yesterday, I was doing a bunch of stuff and it felt like breathing was not that easy. So I stopped doing a bunch of things and sat down and put my feet up and I was fine.

But, it kind of bugged me as in was it in my imagination or in my lungs? So today, I had time and no plans and decided to take a little walk and stress the engine so to speak.

I walked over to the Japanese grocery and back. And, yeah, there's a problem. It's not a show stopper. I got there and I got back and someone walking with me would likely not have noticed a problem, but there was panting. Probably had I sucked on the rescue inhaler before I left, there would have been nothing to notice.

So... note to me... next time you are going to do stuff that requires breathing... inhaler.

Considering what I went through at the end of last year, I am so happy to have the breath I have now. Nipping any problems in the bud seems to be the ticket. So I'm vigilant. Plus now I have General Tso's chicken for dinner!
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