May. 1st, 2012

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Chef Anita is here and working away. The house smells delicious.

My boil looked pretty gross yesterday. Today it is huge and really really gross. It's in a bad spot for swimming (and for wearing a swimming suit). It also does not look like it is going to be gone any time soon. So I thought I'd try swimming today anyway but then Anita pointed out that this is not a good day to be driving around the neighborhood where the pool is.

So I canned swimming. It turns out that getting there and back might not have been a big deal but, as I type this, the protesters seem to be all downtown but not all under control. Tear gas and window smashing and other stupid hijinx. A good day to be at home in my living room.

Betty's eating seems back under control. But, now she believes that whenever I go into the kitchen, it should be to open up a can of food. Last night, I was in there and noticed that not all of the food was gone. She was asking for more. I ignored her and the next time I was in there, I noticed that the plates were now cleaned.

She's just going through cat changes, I think. Many of my cats have lived long lives and I've noticed that about every 7 years or so they develop new traits and lose old ones. I think she's just in one of those change over periods.

She used to consider my clipping her nails the very worst thing in the entire world that had ever happened to her. I'd have to chase her all over the house and then burrito wrap her in a towel and then fight to get one paw and fight to get the other one. Once I was done, while I was nursing my wounds, she would scamper to parts unknown and not be seen for hours.

Now she calmly sits by my side while I do one paw and then other other and doesn't flinch and when I'm done doesn't even move. It still amazes me every time.

Today has been a full work day as well which is different and nice.

Game is at 4. Now if this boil would just take a hike...
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