May. 9th, 2012

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$150 worth of cataract surgery eyedrops. lordknows what it would cost without insurance.
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I have tiny veins. Teeny tiny veins hidden in fat. I am a vampire's nightmare. And the poor folks in the blood drawing lab don't thrill when they see me either.

Today's guy was quiet a good sport and after much punching and squeezing and even heating (he filled a glove up with hot water from the tap - never seen *that* before), he found a donor on my inner arm midway between my hand and elbow. This dude was creative. Using the tiniest needle he had, he still managed to get out 3 full vials full! I told him he should save some for next year.

Sadly, I had no pee for his cup... well, 20 drops. What the fuck do they expect when they won't let you drink anything?

Most of the clinic had moved to the new joint and everyone else will go over the weekend. It was looking pretty ghost town.

Then on to the cashier. I got a bill the other day so I figured I'd save a stamp and pay in person. Then I had to wait for the pharmacy to open. When they finally did, I picked up my 3 different kinds of eye drops - $150 ouch bucks - and headed out to MacDonald's.

Coffee and a sausage biscuit. Better than the lollipops I got as a kid when they needled me.

Yesterday in the new place's parking lot, I got $14 in change when I paid for parking. 14 dollar coins. At first I thought it was a giant PIA but now I'm kind of linking it. I put them in my car coin purse and today gave 4 to the parking guy at the old clinic and 2 to McDonalds. It feels more efficient than bills.

I had a little bit of work work today today and the fucking server would not serve me the tool I needed. This one server is on some kind of medication that keeps it between groggy and dead most of the time. Today I just gave up and fashioned a work around that I think I may well use more often. Nice.

I'm going to try out a new pool/new class today. It's over in West Seattle - and not my end of West Seattle either but what the hay. It's at 1:30. And, best I can tell, it's a shallow and a deep end class combined which could be interesting. So I'll be trying out a new pool, a new class and a new time. It seems like a good day for that. I've got time to leave early to make sure I can find it and then find parking, etc. If I leave here about 12:45, that should do it. Looks like the pool has a lane open for exercise starting at noon so I'll get in some extra time if I'm there too early.

It will be nice to be able to eat lunch at a reasonable time and still get in a swim class.
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***+Zachary Bowles Do the Dance of Joy!!! (And thanks so much for you help and encouragement.)
Every few days now, I try to integrate my +Sprint phone number with Google Voice and every few days, after I go through the set up process I get the oh so frustrating message that it doesnt' work with my number and I should contact Sprint (who told me they could do nothing).
Except... today... it WORKED!!!!! I'm integrated!!! I have voice spam filter! I can use my backup phone with my real number if I need to... I can answer the phone on my computer!!!
And wow, does this ever validate my OCDness. I mean, seriously, there was no hope that it would ever work. And, yet, I kept trying.
'Scuse me while I got set up my voice mail message and all my GV features.

New pool

May. 9th, 2012 04:38 pm
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The new pool experiment turned out to be a huge success. The pool itself (West Seattle) is bright and cheerful. The showers have water pressure. They use the whole pool for the class (my regular pool cordons off 3 lanes for lappers to swim while we are doing class).

Most of the class gathers in the shallow end and the instructor really focuses on them, which is fine. I had the deep end pretty much to myself. The instructor gave me enough direction to keep it interesting.

The music was fabulous... The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly, etc. Fast beats. Perfect.

I think I can leave here at 1 and get there in time. It was 3 before I got home. Not too bad. They have these classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. Fridays is the GREAT instructor at the pool up north (Meadowbrook). All of these classes will take from about 1-3 doortodoor.

Tuesdays, I can do the class at the closer pool (Medgar Evars) and Thursdays, if I can get there right at 11, I can do my own thing until class starts (then I'm out) or I'll just take the day off. Saturdays are Meadowbrook.

I think we have a plan and a really good one.

Baseball tonight and, of course, bear knitting.
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I just bought myself a ticket to hear Ira Glass talk all about This American Life - how they put it together, etc. It's going to be at Benaroya (easy for me to get to) in September.
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