May. 14th, 2012


May. 14th, 2012 12:35 am
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My game plan for today is to walk up to Pike Place Market and find some breakfast and then go on up to the movie theater to see the Hotel Marigold movie. The movie starts at 11:10. Giving myself a good hour and a half to get there, eat, get to the theater, I'll leave here in about an hour.

I also want to check out the changes they have made to the traffic patterns down by the waterfront - my path from here to the Market. In a few years (or more) that whole area will look different when they take down the two story viaduct. I will be very sad to see it go. It provides great shade from the hot sun and an umbrella in the rain plus the ride on it is amazing - it gives you such a wonderful view looking down on the waterfront and eye level with the downtown buildings. But, alas, those of us who feel this way are few and far between and it's coming down.

I used to walk up to the Market every weekend. It's been a while since I've done that and I'll be interested in seeing the changes so far.


My new computer is just what I wanted. I have two smaller, heavier computers that I will now no longer need. Amazon will buy them for me for $350. I'm down with that.

It has a nice feel and it feels so fast. The rebooting - with all the updates, a new computer has to be rebooted so much - is amazingly fast. And it's so cool as in it does not get hot - at all. Nice.


Time to hit the road.
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I retired two computers today and got the replacement up to speed with needed drivers and programs and got it wired into the desk (and all the cables hidden). Then I put those two computers back to factory resent and boxed them up to go off to Amazon's trade-in program. And then I took the box down to the package closet in the garage and put up a big UPS pick up sign.

It was not nearly as cerebral as it was back breaking. Under the desk, behind the bedroom bookcase, etc. I think the new blood pressure pills are still getting used to me. I'm thinking by Tuesday, things will be way better.

I had work work to do but the servers, apparently, took the entire weekend off. Oh well. Hopefully, they will be working tomorrow.

This week looks pretty normal... Chef Anita comes Tuesday and Amira on Thursday. Swimming Monday and Wednesday in West Seattle. Tuesday and Thursday in the Central District and Friday and Saturday at Meadowbrook.

And this will be, I hopetogod, my last week looking at the world through this cataract!
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hmmm Yesterday's This Week in Tech didn't make it to my TiVo today. That's not good.
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