May. 17th, 2012

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The house cleaner should be here in about 30 minutes to an hour. I hate having her here. It's loud and awkward and disruptive. But more than I hate all of that, I love having a clean looking, clean smelling house. A lot.

Baseball is at 10 this morning. The Mariners have started their season suckage early this year. At least they are losing interestingly. The perfect pitcher was horrible yesterday. The big money guys are pretty much non-producers but the young kids are doing nicely. I think we need to just dump everyone with more than 2 years experience in the big leagues. That would be interesting.

I may or may not watch the whole thing. It depends on work. If none then I might just take off for Ballard (about 8 miles from here). Their pool has a deep water class at 11:10. I'm not wild about their pool but if there is a good teacher on Thursdays, I could be had.

Before class last week at one of the far flung pools, I was chatting with a classmate. We were talking about the various different pools and different teachers and she asked "where do you live that you can get to all the different pools so easily?" While I had been bitching about having to go so far to get to them all, I totally missed that I am, actually, living in the best spot. At least I *can* get to them with a minimum of hassle. That one question just turned my mind around. Funny how that happens.


I am really enamored with this ASUS ultrabook. I got the UX31 and it's quite the slick little machine. The cloud - and my love of all things Google - makes setting up a new computer about a 100 times easier than it was even 2 years ago. Getting my stuff on a new one is easy. It's getting their stuff off and tweaking it the way you want it that is the more annoying part for me. The lack of bloaatware on this was really kind of astounding. The only thing I deleted was the Office trial. It came with no antivirus trial, no Adobe trial, no funky crap. There are a few ASUS apps and one of them is actually nice and useful. There is a third party - not trial, not Adobe PDF reader. And there is recovery in a hidden partition with a nice app to access it.

The keyboard has a lovely feel and fits my own typing style perfectly. The touchpad is huge and works intuitively. I have not even looked at the setup to see if I want to change anything. There are tiny little lights on three keys - wifi, power and caps lock - to show me at glance what's on/off.

The computer is nice and zippy and responsive. I've had real issues in the past with laptop heat. This one, even though it's the thinnest I have ever had, is barely warm at all. I finally figured out that it's venting out of a row of air holes in the screen joint. So the hot air is leaving out the top rather than the bottom. Clever.

It's just a really really nice laptop.

Oh and once nice unadvertised feature... The keyboard is very shallow. No deep crevices that capture crumbs. And cat hair just floats away with a simple puff, if it sticks at all. So So so nice to finally have a hairless computer!
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One of the skeins in +Dave Bennett 's donation includes these snappy patterns... I love them all. So not timeless!
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I left for the pool while cleaning was still going on. I came home to a sparkling house that smelled fresh and clean. Yeah!!

Swimming was fine but I don't need to go back to that pool/class again. The instructor honestly could not have cared less - she spent a lot of time just chit chatting with another person in the class. The shallow end of the pool was filled with pre-schoolers who were on shreak patrol.

It was loud and boring. I can get that here at my own pool that is a much closer drive. So, thanks, but no thanks.

Tomorrow is Montrell's class and then the Saturday class - both of which I enjoy enormously. Sunday's a no swim day and Monday's a maybe day and Tuesday is eye day and so ends pool time for a couple or three weeks.

I've been trying to get my money back for an online purchase for a while and it finally dawned on me that I bought it with my debit card so maybe the bank can help. Their automated system for getting to a person sucks like a new electrolux but once you get to that person, she (or he) has everything they need so you can start right in. I got through my issue and she suggested we dispute the charges and I said fine!

She said she would send me a letter I would sign and send back. Or, she said, I could send in the info via fax or email... would you be interested in that option? You betch yer digits. So she gave me what was needed and the email address and done! Nice.

The Mariners took two extra innings to lose today. But, in the end, they just wrapped up the win nicely and handed it to Cleveland. Nice. ARUGH!!!!
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Dear investments,
My bad. I totally forgot to make sure you knew that you were it in terms of income when I get old... and, maybe you've forgotten my birthdate but I am getting perilously close to that 'old'.
So why, oh why, are you digging to China?????!!!!! The direction you should be going is UP, not down. Really, think about it. k?
Love, Worried Me
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The Discover Card website has been down for several hours. I'm guessing that data center is now full of people on the edge...
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