May. 18th, 2012

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Well, it looks like it's going to be another no work day. This week started out with lots of promise but wow has it ever turned into a nothing burger work wise. Next month we start the new 401K plan and I'm going to have to have $1,500 held out of every paycheck in order to max out my tax opportunity. This is going to be tres tricky if I don't even make $1,500 during the pay period. hmmmmmmm

Oh well, what will happen will happen. Since I have money to live on, it's really just a tax issue. There are many much worse problems to have.

No work means lots of time. Time to get to the good swim class today with no rush there or back. I did notice when I pulled my swim suit off the drying rack this morning that the ass end is already wearing out. Buggers. I think it's a combo of my giant ass and suit eating chlorine. My ass is not shrinking so I guess I'm going to have to get one of the chlorine resistant suits. They are good suits. Really comfortable. Just not really pretty. Solid colors only - no exotic prints. Oh well.

My arthritis/gouty finger turns out is not entirely cured. It's not terrible as long as it does not get worse. I really really like that finger and use it a lot. I do not want it to hurt.

[ profile] machupicchu and I are going on an adventure this evening. The regional bus company that serves Seattle and surrounds, last year got some double decker buses. We've been talking for a while about just getting on one for a joy ride and tonight's the night. There's an intersection near here that serves as kind of a commuter's hub - lots and lots and lots of buses go through it to neighborhoods and suburbs near and far. And, several of those routes are using the double deckers.

So we are going to stand at the intersection and catch the first one that comes out way. We'll then ride it until it stops. Best we can tell, none of the double deckers come back to Seattle so we'll have to get creative about coming home but we can do that.

I'm quite excited about the adventure.

Right now it's a cloudy day which is so much better than the strong sun we've had in past mornings. And [ profile] earthmother45's stained glass is just beautiful. It's lovely when the sun comes through it, but, to me, it's most rich when the sky is overcast. The colors are so full and the sparkly bits (mainly in the bubbles) sparkle just right.

It's so cool that I can have the door to the terrace shut which really mutes the construction noise. I like hearing the activity but its nice to have it muted, too.
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Actually, that's not true but... by 10 on Tuesday, my cataract will be out and my new lens in and I'll be home with a pirate patch.

The surgery center just called. They want me there at 8. Surgery's at 9. It will take 15 mins.

Nothing to eat or drink after midnight. Although the snotty guy who called allowed as how I could have a tiny sip to take with my pills. Thanks, turkey.

The doctor's assistant, when she was going over the instructions with me, suggested that I not - as some have in the past - show up with a half full Starbucks cup in my hand. Gotcha. Message received.

Anyway back to Mr. Officious... He asked if I had someone to take me home and stay with me until the next day... I said yes. He said they should be there with me at 8. I said she'd be there at 9. He said fine. Note to self, remind Ann to play along nicely and tell them whatever it is they want to hear. She will be just down the hall anyway. Think of our building as one big house and we're good.

Ann's not a morning person so I'm going to try and get her to let me take a cab to the surgery. It's not that far from here but the bus service to there from here pretty much sucks and a cab won't be that expensive.

I'm all set. Ready to have it done with. Ready to see again.

Then... I'll have to have the other eye done.
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At the pool... Ready to work out.
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We're here for pie! Me and +Matthew McQuilkin
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