May. 19th, 2012

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So last night, [ profile] machupicchu and I hopped a double decker bus and rode it to the end of the line which - as it turned out - was way way too short a trip. We did snag two seats in the first row of the top deck. It was so fun and so cool, it was just not enough. We rode through town and then onto the interstate highway. When we got to Lynwood, the bus stopped. Apparently the double deckers just aren't used that much - only from Seattle during rush hour.

Not much of it but what there was was great.

The ride ended at a transit center so getting a bus back to Seattle was easy peasy and not even much of a wait.

We decided that dinner was in order and decided to go to Serious Pie. Serious Pie was packed. The guy at the front door said the wait would be an hour and we decided not to wait and the guy snagged us an asked if there was not another Tom Douglas restaurant we were interested in. We told him we were going to try the other Serious Pie. He insisted on calling to see if they were busy. They weren't so he told them to be on the look out for us. We both felt like we'd just seen the best customer service on the planet.

We took the trolley to the other restaurant. I'd been there for breakfast and love it. But never for dinner and wow. That was some kind of wonderful pizza pie. I already have plans to be there tomorrow for breakfast but now I'm going to have to get back there and soon for dinner.

We took the trolley back to town center and from there I bused home. Very very fun evening.

We both agreed and not for the first time - that Seattle is just an amazingly wonderful place to live.

This morning I'm off to my last Saturday swim for a while. Then I'll find some brunch and that's about it for plans. I'll play the rest by ear.
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Waiting for a table at skillet diner.
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Today starts 3 times daily eye drops - 1 is an antibiotic and 1 is an anti-inflammatory. The problem is I have to wait 5 minutes between using the 2 each time. When I got home from the pool, I did the first one and then later the other one.

Tonight I could only find one. These bottles are no bigger than a quarter. I figured that I had left it on the counter in the bathroom and Travis hopped up and made off with it. I knew it was in the house somewhere. But where?

I killed a solid hour looking for it. Even crawling around on the floor with a flashlight.

I finally gave up. I had not decided whether to call and confess and get more or just pretend I'd been taking them all along.

I fed the cats and put my own dinner in the oven and sat down to write this entry about what an idiot I am... I sat down and pulled the laptop over and there, hiding behind it, was the stupid eyedrop bottle!!! Fuck a duck.

Well, there's an hour I won't ever see again.

And, yes, I did apologize to Travis. I put both bottles in the top right hand drawer of the bathroom, in case I forget and come back here wondering...
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