Jun. 2nd, 2012

Civic duty

Jun. 2nd, 2012 08:17 am
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I so appreciate the work of community organizers. Not in the 'how can I help?' way but in the 'I support you with my thoughts' way. Usually. But today, I'm going to glove up and join in. My neighbor is on the city committee that you have to go to to make exterior changes to anything in the historical district we live in.

As part of that work, she's involved in the annual neighborhood cleanup. Trash pickup, graffiti paint over, median weeding, etc. A lot of people work hard to get this organized. We get gloves and tools and t-shirts and 3 hours to do our assigned tasks.

Ann's coming down the hall to pick me up in 30 minutes. Ordinarily, I'd be begging off because I have swim class but I couldn't quite pull that off this time plus I owe Ann for her patient and kind hauling me home from surgery and back for the appointment the day after.

So... I'm off to do my civic duty today.

I'm not sure what's happening after that. My options are open. But, no brunch today.
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Having lunch then home to put my feet up and do nothing... Well, I'll watch the ballgame and knit but nothing else.
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This is Ann working hard. The dude behind her with the shovel full of mulch is Jeff, my lawyer and our condo association president. It was a good morning but crap, yard work is hard! Tija who lives on the floor above ours and who owns the gym across the street was the head of our group which was one out of four. One group did alley cleanup, one group did graffiti removal, one group did drain unclogging and painting (a stencil that says to keep the drain clean for the fish). Our group did the median in front of our building.

There were 25 guys from the construction crew building the building outside my terrace which I thought was very cool. They were good guys, too. Really into it. A couple brought their kids to help and the kids did a great job.

It was fun and our median really does look really nice - cared for.

But, wow. I was not designed for manual labor. Whew. I dragged myself into the shower and then took me to Denny's. I had the most delicious sandwich. The service was slow which suited me fine because I was reading a particularly entertaining book. On the way home, my car swung into the drive thru at McDonald's and I was forced to get a chocolate milk shake.

I got home, turned on the ballgame and Ichiro - leading off - opened up the game with a nice little home run.

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***+Bill Schubert you can come to seattle and get yours... now!  just a thot
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I am totally getting my baseball money's worth today.  The Mariners have been ahead and behind and ahead again and behind again and then ahead and then behind.... and are now 10-8 ahead of the white sox in the 12th.
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I feel out of love with Glee season before last but... I loved The Glee Project.  And tonight I'm watching the first episode of the second year of The Glee Project and I still love it!  These kids are amazing.
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