Jun. 4th, 2012

eye totals

Jun. 4th, 2012 08:12 am
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Removal of one cataract.

Preliminary visit which my insurance called vision check (as opposed to pre-surgery) so it cost me $119.
Eye drops $152
Surgery $335.07 (it would have cost me $909.58 had I not yet met my deductible)

Total $606.07

Considering that I paid something upwards of $400 last year on eye glasses that 1. are now worthless to me and 2. didn't do that great a job to start with, I think this is a bargain.

Plus now I know that next year, or whenever, when I have the other one done, assuming I will not have met my deductible, it will still cost me only $1,100 which is far less than I thought. So whew.

Now I'd like to make the second half of this year medical shit free. I've had enough. My breathing drugs cost me $30 a month, my blood pressure and cholesterol drugs cost another $16. But they all work well so I don't begrudge.

I'd just like to get off the medical treadmill for a little bit. Maybe now, with a little luck, I can.
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I think project #2 is going to crank up today... I'm expecting to see bugs in my queue sometime today. Project #1 is always fiddly on Mondays. I got up early to do the early part and now there's a waiting part. Plus there are a couple of other todo's for that one that just came in.

So it's looking like a good work day and an even better work week.

But, there will be swimming. There's a publish that needs to go live around 11 (or as soon as the email comes in). Current thinking is that I'll head out to the pool as soon as that is done. I'm so ready.
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Project #2 did not kick in... But, project #1 kicked up big time. Whew. But all is good.

And I got my swim on. Boy, did it feel good. I missed seeing the people - the sweet woman who can only come because she brings her altzheimer's husband with her so she can watch him while she works out - the woman who doesn't do classes but is nearly always there when I am doing much the same stuff - the woman who checks you in and takes your money... it was just fun to see them all. But mainly I missed the water and the way it makes me feel... I can stretch and move and feel so graceful.

And my new eye rocks. I can see the clock from the farthest part of the pool! I can read signs and see people's faces. It's fun. My good MP3 player was dead. (Turns out the battery was dead and is getting juiced up now.) But, I had my backup so all was saved.

I didn't stay too long - only 45 mins - cause I had work to do. But it was great anyway.


My new recessed lighting has put my electrical capacity over the line, I'm afraid. Ameria's vacuum popped the breaker once. Last week, I had the A/C on and when I turned it on the lights flickered. Saturday night, it got really warm in here and I turned the A/C on and to mega cool. 10 mins later the breaker went - and the router and the modem and the TV and both TiVos...

So I sent a note to Sheri (the designer who hired the electrician and did the planning). She's all over it and is meeting the electrician here later in the week. It's cooler this week. I want to get a fix in before it gets hot and while it's still on the mind of Sheri an Walker (the electrician).

Meanwhile I just saw that there is a power outage in the neighborhood which just misses us. Whew.


I love this laptop (Asus Ux31) but something about the way I type and some of the keyboard function are not getting along that well. I'm a touch typist and pretty fast so I'll be typing along only paying attention to what I want to get down and I'll hit something that throws the cursor up 4 graphs or highlights a giant load of text and then deletes it. I've tried lots of tests in hopes of figuring out where/when I'm going wrong in hopes of disabling that handy function. So far no good. I just hope there is not a finite number of times I'm allowed to user ctrl+z


Baseball tonight is the angels... so 7 pm.
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I've had Betty since 2002 and Travis since 2007. More than any other cats I've ever had, they change with the seasons - both of them. Last winter, Betty was only interested in me at the end of the day before dinner. Travis was practically an appendage. When I went to bed at night, he'd climb in and dig under the covers and snuggle up next to me where he'd stay til morning.
Now Betty is stuck to me like glue. She sleeps right next to me all night. She's so tiny, I'm afraid I'm going to roll over and squish her. Most of the day, she's right here next to me. Right now, I'm sitting cross legged. The computer's on one thigh and she's o the other. Travis is in the fish room where he says most often now.

It's like they are taking shifts.

It's not the first time either. They spent about a year as friends but now just hiss and chase each other. Last winter was the first time either of them slept with me regularly. Travis used to come get in bed after the alarm went off and snuggle in but rarely does it now. Betty used to live in the back of the closet. Not any more.

Weird. Just weird.


I had on This Week in Tech (podcast) today and they were really dissing the Kindle Fire. Using it as an example of a piece of tech nobody would want.

I really love my Kindle Fire. It's the perfect size - small enough to fit in my small purse, large enough to easily read, look at web pages, play games, read magazines - all of which I do on it regularly. I read books, books I buy, books I borrow from Amazon and borrow from the library. There is a nice selection of free books and games, too. And I listen to audio books - from audible.com and from the library. I charge it up every few days overnight and that's all it needs. For $200 it's a fine fine piece of tech.

Yeah the browser sucks and yeah, there's no G+ app - in fact most all Google stuff has to be done through the crappy browser. But it's not as crappy as Safari, at least.

Last week, I pulled out my old $79 Kindle to see if I liked it because it's smaller and lighter. Nope. I like the Fire way better. I like it fine.


I think the [livejournal.com profile] zimzat may have fixed my keyboard issues. He suggested that it might be the touch pad and I said no, of course not. I'd know if it were the touch pad. But, then I thought I'd just go check and see if maybe there was a setting or something that I could test.

Sure enough, there's a whole kind of 'turn of the touch pad til you finish typing' kind of utility that has a bunch of different settings so you can tweak to your liking. I set it to the largest area of the touch pad - basically the strongest setting.

So far, I can't find any negative effects in how I use the touch pad but my cursor no longer jumps around and I have not deleted any part of this entry nor had to user ctrl+z one single time!!

Russell, you saved the day again!!!
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