Jun. 8th, 2012

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As it turns out the ActionTec powerline deal is great until it's not.  It worked fine when I set it up and then it just stopped.  And i's finest feature is its downfall.  It's so simple to set up because you just plug it in.  It's impossible to troubleshoot because there's nothing to fix, see, tweak, twiddle.  You can unplug and replug.  I found that that works sometimes but not long term.

Sigh.  I'm giving it one more day.  I canceled the others I ordered and I'm pretty sure these are going back, too.

Bummer.  I had great plans.
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It was another long heads down day... but at then of it, I got to the end of the work.  Nice.  I volunteered to work this weekend.  Somehow I don't think anything will materialize but if it does, great.

I did manage to break off to get to the pool.  My favorite teacher, Montrel, was in the instructor and he was great as usual.  It was good and I was good.  About half the class gave about half the effort. Not me.  In the shower, the woman who had been working out next to me said 'you are so strong!'.  Nice.  Tomorrow morning's class is the other great teacher.  

Getting back home is getting increasingly more difficult.  I can't figure out why there is so much traffic from north of the city into the city at 2:30 on Fridays.  It's weird.  In a couple of weeks the class moves from 1:30 to 11:15 which should be way better traffic wise.

A restaurant that has been on my go to list forever has just started serving brunch so that's where I'm going tomorrow.  And I need to make a grocery stop and then hurry home.  The University of Washington is holding their graduation at Century Link Field across the street and the Mariners have an early game in the next block.  I want to get home before the traffic gets totally out of hand.

Oh great. Just heard on the news that there are gunshots at an intersection I pass twice a day going to the pool.  Cripes.

Dinner, baseball and bear knitting up next here where, so far, there has been no gunfire.
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***#caterday eve...  Travis and his buddies.
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