Jun. 12th, 2012

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Looks like my early ballpark of cataract surgery costs was a little shy of reality.  Out of my little pocket, I get to pay $300 to the clinic, $300 to the surgeon and probably $150 to the anesthetist. And that's with insurance that has the deductible met!  But, 1.  I've got the cash and 2.  I love love love being able to see.  So, if someone had come to me and said 'if you pay me a little under a grand total (inc eyedrops, taxi, etc), I'll improve your eyesight so that you will only need readers when you are in dim light looking at tiny print.  You cool with that deal?  I'd have said YES!!  and thought I was getting a bargain.  So all's cool.  And I'm very grateful.

I'm waiting now for Sher, the interior designer, and Walker, the electrician.  They said they would be here at 10 which means probably about 10:30/11 to look at why I flip the breaker when I turn the A/C on high.  

Then it will be on to class at the pool at noon.  And then my weekly conference call.  

And I just got a nice, juicy work bug that will keep me busy for the rest of the time today.  

All is good.
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This morning I had two things on my list.  I wanted something at Grocery Outlet and something at Cash and Carry - both of them are just down the street.  I figured once I got all my work finished, I'd pop out and do the deeds.

Only when it came time, I could only remember the Cash and Carry piece.  I went into Grocery Outlet and scored a few good deals but I'll be damned it I can remember what I wanted in there.  On the bright side, I remembered to get toothpaste which I always forget to get.

I would not like to see a picture of my brain - it's probably littered with signs that read "good stuff used to be here".

Sheri and the electrician decided that my juice issue can be fixed with LEDs.  Which is great news as far as I am concerned.  I wanted LED's in the first place but I thought they would be too expensive and too complicated and too, ah, hell, I don't know.   I had zero lights in my ceiling.  Now I have 6 and while I love being able to see, I don't love the heat (which is probably way less than I imagine it is, but still...)

The LED's do turn out to be expensive.  But, we're thinking we can get the same amount of light in the room, with LEDs that work on a dimmer, for about $45 a bulb.  Plus, I'll probably do the two in the kitchen, too.  Sheri's coming back next Monday with bulbs and with the carpenter who need so fix a bit on the desk that's driving me crazy.

Game tonight at 7 and bear knitting coming up.
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