Jun. 13th, 2012

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Today is one of those days where I got nothin'.  This is not a bad thing in my book, by the way.  But there is no work to be done and no idea when the next work assignment might come in.  Could be in 5 minutes, could be in 5 days, could be something in between.  Well, actually, I do have an hour and a half's worth of work tomorrow - it's a weekly report. But, that's all I know about for sure.  Work wise.

There is not a class at my regular pool today and I'm not up for a drive so I'll just go, when the pool opens at 11, and do my own class.

And fill in between piddling around. I have two good books going - one audio and one Kindle.  So I have entertainment.  Right now I am being fought over by the cats as I type this. 
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I got married when I was 30 years old.  I had lived with my parents and I had lived on my own and I had learned how to do stuff.  Living stuff.  Like keeping house and having a job and just matriculating through life the way I had learned was best for me.

My husband was (and likely still is) way older than me (21 years to be exact) and he'd spent 1/3rd of his life living with is parents, 1/3rd living with an ex wife and 1/3rd living alone.  He also had figured out how to do things that worked for him.

Many, if not most, of our things were very different.  After tediously explaining his way, he'd always end with "I'm not sayin' my way is better..." which, of course, was exactly what he was saying. 

Probably needless to say, the marriage was not a huge success. Thankfully, it died quickly and quietly and now I've lived alone for 30 years.  

And the joy of it is that no one is here to tell me their way is better.  But that also could be a pothole.

How do I know there isn't a better way?  

My Mom told me once that living lone meant "you'll never have anyone tell you that your slip is showing before you leave the house".

Turns out she was right.  Yes, I have a mirror but no, I don't check it before I go out the door. And even if I do sometimes the angle is wrong.  And yes, I mean that metaphorically as well as not.

Random thoughts. Now interrupted by lunch.
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I am not a Top Chef watcher but this could turn me into one.
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