Jun. 15th, 2012

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It really started yesterday.  I got an email on my work machine that said my machine was going to be booted off the network if I didn't update these specific files.  I didn't understand the instructions and didn't want to randomly install shit so I went to Windows Update and found there was a giant pile of important, but not critical, updates.  So I clicked up update.  It took for freakin' ever.

So finally, when it was done, and I had rebooted a couple of times, I checked my speed.  Slow.  I rebooted the modem, the router, the extender.  Still slow but I figured all my neighbors were home downloading porn so I'd do it in the morning.  

This morning I had internet - even wireless - my radio alarm woke me up with NPR - but it was still really slow so I rebooted everything again.  And nothing.  No wireless.  No internet.  Nothing.  

I fucked with it all for about an hour all the while saying the technical rosary of goddamnitmotherfuckerworkyoudick!! And finally, that combined with the cats whining in sympathy (or was it because I did not feed them first?? - they need to articulate more accurately), it finally all worked.

I grabbed my coffee and my laptop to return to my regular chair and then proceeded to dump my nearly full cup of coffee all over the chair and ottoman.  

Oh yeah baby...  I need a do over.

And just now I realized the webcam is down.  

But my internet speed is back up.


Jun. 15th, 2012 12:16 pm
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The towels I used to try and mop up the coffee are in the wash.  I lathered the chair and ottoman with upholstery cleaner.  The computers continue to compute and there is still internet and wireless access.  I am being very careful not to breathe a sigh of relief and jinx it all.

Sheri is coming by when I get back from the pool today with new light bulbs so I dug the old ones out of the ceiling with my suction cup on a pole contraption.  It was not easy.  I thought I was going to have to go get a ladder but I persevered and got them all out.  Ready for the LEDs.

The kitchen is clean and the dishwasher emptied.  I'm rolling back one computer in hopes of fixing an issue.  And I'm eating a sandwich for lunch.  I'm off to the pool in about 45 mins.  Today it's the pool that is about 25 minutes from here.  No rush today as work is at a standstill.  Hopefully, soon, I'll have too much work to carve out that much time for swimming but we will see.

Today the project manager is out until mid afternoon and I know there won't be until then and probably not until at least Monday.

I miss my chair.  But I'm delighted to have the table.  This is exactly why I wanted the room fixed.  Last March I really had no good alternative.  This is not chair good but good good.
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The coffee incident is history.  My chair and ottoman are dry ad not stained.  whew.  And the day did get better.  Swim class was great.  And, in the locker room after, one of the other women in the class told me that the Tuesday/Thursday noon class at Madison was also very very good.  The Madison pool is about as far away as the Meadowbrook pool (where I went today) but it's nice to know there is another good teacher around.  

Sheri came by with an armful of LED lights.  They are heavy suckers.  My nifty suction cup bulb changer on a pole was not up to the challenge.  But, I was able to snag a ladder from Scott and Sheri gamely hopped up on it and got all the new bulbs in.  They are very space age-y looking.  It's not dark yet but so far so good light wise.  I replaced the compact florescent floods in the kitchen and while they are very different, I think I like them in there, too.

I turned the A/C on high just now to see if it will trip the breaker.  It damn well better not!

Now an evening of baseball except maybe not. I'm so so so so tired of watching them lose.  Earlier in the week they played the worst team in baseball and lost all their games.  Now they are playing the team with the worst road record in baseball and so far are ruining that record for them.  I may be doing some TiVo watching if it gets too bad.  
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Travis' contribution to #caterday eve.
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Click on the link to see the whole entry: https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/FY5AmjiXgzv

this is fabulous +KOMO News , +KING 5 News, +Q13 FOX - I hope you take notes
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