Jun. 18th, 2012

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Seattle's new ferris wheel gets it's sexy on after dark.  I wonder if I can stay up late enough tonight to go see?
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there's a break in the work action so i am headed to the pool for a little aqua jogging...
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I use +Mint.com and +Personal Capital because while they both use yodlee to get the job done, neither is able to download all my accounts.  But they both miss a few - happily it's not the same few.  Still it's a PIA.  I wish one of them would wake up and get it right.  And, I wish that one was +Personal Capital since it gives me more and better slicing and dicing of the nums.
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As I read through G+ this morning it was all about how horrible mornings are, how horrible Mondays are and where is summer??!!0

I am a real morning person.  I love the mornings.  I love having the whole day in front of me.  I love the quiet.  The coffee.  The freshness.  I work best in the morning.  I can get more work done between 6-10am than the entire rest of the day.  I had a client who   sent me an email in mid afternoon "I'm sending the rest of the data but please please don't do it today. I've worked with you long enough to know that afternoon work with you should be only stuff that can't be pushed to tomorrow morning!  It's nothing personal, a simple money's worth issue."  He was so smart.

And I love Mondays.  A new beginning. A fresh week. A chance to do all that stuff you couldn't do over the weekend because offices were closed or people not available.

When you live in Seattle, if you pay attention there is a ritual that starts about two weeks ago and goes for another couple of weeks.  Most years, we don't see consistent warm weather until after July 4th.   Most of July and August is hot and sunny and dry.  June is generally a crapshoot but most often a mix of probably 10% sun, 10% rain and 80% gray with and without mist.

But, for some reason people who live here think June should be warm and sunny and dry.  So they start whining - where's summer?? why do i have to wear a sweater in june???? etc., etc.

I am a winter person.  I love cool, cold.  Rain and snow.  Brisk and fresh.  I really do not like hot.  I lived for many many years in the Southeast part of the U.S.  I was 16 before we had air conditioning in the house.  It was often too hot to turn a page in a book.  After I left the south, I lived in places that had hot hot summers.  When I moved here, I loved the weather from day one.  I did not get hot flashes when I went through menopause.  Instead I got kind of a total personal global warming that is still mostly with me.  I am mostly always warm.  My goal is to be one of those old ladies who can never get warm.  I have a long way to go.

Oh and in addition, the older I get the more the glare of the sun bothers me. I can't see well in bright sunlight.  

So...  every cloudy day in June, I count as a gift.  Some years we have fewer gifts than others.  This year, so far, has been great.  For me, but not for most of the people here who are all shocked, shocked I tell you, that June is not July.  

So a gray Monday morning in June is a joy for me.  A Joy that I totally get is shared with a very few if any.
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crap. i just got a shipping notice for a package i really want and fuckers sent it  FedEX Home.  
FedEx Home never ever gets deliveries here.  They just look at the address and write 'not home or business closed'.  They don't even try.  And I hate talking to their customer non-service people.  
FedEx Ground and FedEx Air are great.  FedEx Home = fail.  I can't even call and direct them until they fail delivery the first time - next Monday.  Crap. crap. crap.
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