Jun. 19th, 2012

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I have no intention of selling my condo ever.  That will be my brother's deal after I die.  But, I do keep a nosy neighbor eye on the real estate market here.  When prices are good and inventory is low, the quality of my neighbors really does increase and the number of idiots who live here goes down.  I like nice neighbors.

The Seattle real estate market has taken a distinct turn upwards.  Condo inventory in this city has been seriously low for a few months now.  Single family homes in some neighborhoods are getting hard to come by as well.  

Yesterday, Redfin listed one of the units upstairs for $599,000.  The units upstairs are all on two levels (mine is on one) and have more square footage but not much more actual useable square footage.  This particular unit has some built in shelves but has otherwise not been upgraded. It even looks like it has the same carpet that was laid in more than 20 years ago.  Wild.

Here's the listing detail.

Scott (building manager) told me that two units sold this month in less than a week. I never even knew they were on the market.  

There are 800 condos going into the building they are building outside my terrace. I suspect those developers are feeling pretty darned good about their timing.
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It was a Chef Anita day.  General Tso's chicken for dinner.  And a freezer full of yums.  Plus she had some sausage left over and asked if I wanted her to leave it raw in the fridge, cook it up in patties or cook it up crumbled.  I picked crumbled. I have these microwave egg cups and I'm thinking a soft boiled egg with some crumbled sausage will take about 45 seconds.  This will be a fun test tomorrow morning.

I thought there might be work today but I was wrong.  So I decided to high tail it to the pool up on the north end of town and try out this instructor who is supposed to be so fabulous.  Er ah, I'm thinking maybe we have different definitions of fabulous.  The pool is easy to get to.  I like to warm up in the pool with a few laps before class.  This pool, however, isn't open before class.  No lifeguard.  So you sit there in your wet suit (having taken the required pre-swim shower) and wait.  Not as much fun as you might think.  

The instructor did not use a microphone and the class was full of chatterers so I heard all about one woman's window cleaning and roof job but could not hear the instructor.  But, it was ok because she wasn't doing much of anything anyway.  Little direction, zero coaching, no extra explanation or demonstration.  Oh and the music volume was too low to hear it.

Total fail.  I don't have to go back and do that again.

I had my weekly conference call after class so I listened to it while I drove back home. It ended as I got here.  Tidy.

The project manager on the project I am not fond of sent a note out saying we have a meeting first thing Monday morning and then a very busy week.  But the note went to 4 other people and I don't know if she plans to assign anything to me or not much to me or a whole lot to me.  I could ask but she would not give me a straight answer.  So, next week will very busy, or kind of busy or not busy.  Which makes it not so different than any other week.  

I have a check I need to deposit and I'd like swing by Trader Joe's and get a couple of boxes of Nutty Chocolate Chewy Coated & Drizzled Granola Bars.  I bought a box on Saturday and discovered that unlike other granola bars, these have no coconut in them and are delicious.  And I want more.  

But, I'm lazy. I just mapped it out and I can do both, easily, on my way to the pool tomorrow.

Now I think I'll do a couple of chores and then watch Molly Wood's new show on CNet.
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