Jun. 21st, 2012

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unnamedI've had a couple of these on my shelf for years.  I think I tried them out when I first got them but I must not have been too impressed.  I like the way they look on the shelves though.

On Tuesday, Anita cooked and crumbled up some left over sausage for me and put it in the freezer.  

So... my new favorite breakfast is:

A few - maybe teaspoon's worth - crumbles of sausage in the bottom - nuke for 15 seconds
An egg on top with a little salt and a little pepper - nuke for 40 seconds.


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Yesterday when I was looking all over the house for wire hangers, I found my old EVO phone.  It works great except, it won't charge from the cable.  The mini usb port is broken.  I replaced it with another EVO which is what I use now.

The old EVO was in the original box with the manuals and everything, looking fine.  I looked up on Amazon's trade in deal and discovered I could get $100-90 for it!  I did not pull the trigger because I don't, right now, have a shipping box and I wanted to think about it some more.

I rarely every remember my dreams.  Or think about them after I wake up but last night I had the most vivid dream about losing my phone.  I had no GPS.  I couldn't check email or google plus.  I had to carry my stand alone camera around but the GPS was actually the most crippling.  However none of it was life threatening.  

So, today, I'll grab a box from the recycle bin downstairs and pop that puppy off for some $$$.
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Click on the link to see the whole entry: https://plus.google.com/110340962945642622580/posts/ZrJ6PnZPxd4

this is cool... i'd never seen it before
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My finger was driving me nuts this morning. For several weeks the joint has been sore,  This is my index finger on my right hand (and I'm right handed) and the joint closest to the tip.  This morning the tip of it hurt, too. So typing hurt and I kept hitting it on stuff.  After swimming I pulled into walgreens and bought a finger kit. It has a wrap thing that can be frozen or heated and one of those bendable metal sprints.

Typing is not as easy as you might think when you are wearing a splint on your finger.  I'm generally a 10 finger touch typist,  Not today.  I don't know how long this is going to last.  I can't knit with it so it won't be long.

The pool was great.  We had a new teacher today who was pretty good.  He's going to be teaching this class for the rest of the summer.  

I headed out this morning to find wire hangers to buy and stopped at Home Depot instead and found a very viable substitute for $4.  Project completed very nicely, thanks.

Still no hangers but for now, no need.

I've had a little work today but not much.  Next week promises to be a full work week so I'm cool with the down time. I think I'll go down and get the mail.  That's one thing I *can* do with my finger in a splint.
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