Jun. 24th, 2012

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I'm being proud... At the parade with +***** I'm proud to live in a city with such a huge gay pride parade.
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I took my new phone (EVO Lte) to the pride parade. And took a lot of pictures and it ran out of juice after 3 hours.  I did not turn off auto uploading and I'm guessing that's what did me in.
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Testing out the camera in my new EVO LTE.  One problem is that I didn't believe I had taken the shot so I took another - over and over again.  The thing is so fast.  My old EVO never got any faster than 1 pic every 5 or so seconds.  This one is bam, bam, bam, bam

Full Day!!

Jun. 24th, 2012 05:14 pm
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I was on the fence about going to the Gay Pride parade but when I woke up and the sun didn't, I hopped on board.  The weather was just perfect for it and it was a great parade. I think it was even better than last year's.  There was a little elderly woman behind us visiting here with her daughter from China. She was a hoot and she had a great time.  She had a plastic shopping bag and made sure she filled with every trinket that was handed out.  I know she got at least one handful of condoms.  

The only people I saw that I knew (besides [livejournal.com profile] machupicchu) was the hetero couple from across the hall.  They were marching in the Starbucks contingent (she works there) and found me in the crowd.  Wild.

Washington state will vote - in November - to uphold the Governor's same sex marriage law.  So that was defacto, the major theme of the parade.  The governor was the grand marshall and, at least around us, she was met with major applause and thank yous as she floated by.

The group supporting the right side of the referendum has this great branding campaign.  It's a green circle and inside the green circle is the word engage.  It's simple and it says a whole whole lot.  Plus they handed out green rings (like the rubber bracelets only rings which I thought was just freakin' clever and I'm wearing mine.  I'd never wear a bracelet but a ring?  sure!!

Matthew's friends joined us halfway in and they all went off to the park and I came home.  The parade was about 7 blocks to the end (after 3+ hours) so I walked it to the end so I wouldn't miss anything and then came on home.  I had to box an label my latest sells to Amazon and run them over to Office Depot for UPS pick up.

Now I'm going to watch some news and then have dinner and then knit bears and watch tv.  I did almost no knitting yesterday and I think my finger is grateful.  But one day off is enough.

I took a buttload of pictures but none are fabulous.  But that's the operator, not the camera.

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Last night I dreamed I got accepted at the local dog library.  So that meant, I could check out a dog any time.  They were very happy to have me because I said I was more interested in checking out dogs to bring home during the week as opposed to the weekend.

Whacky, I know but really a brilliant idea.  I don't want a full time dog, but I'd love to have one once in a while for walking and playing.
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