Jun. 25th, 2012

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New phone report.  Unplugged it at 6 am this morning.  I've used it all day as I normally would.  Right now - 3:30 pm, I still have 90% battery left.  I can live with this...
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Often I think of things I'd like to have but can't because I have no where to house them.  I have no garage, I have no junk room, I have limited closet space.  It's usually ok because it's a clear indication that I don't need whatever it was I wanted but don't have room for.

But, today, my 1,300 square feet seemed enormous.  I couldn't find where I had hidden my neighbor's iPad.  Eons ago, Ann came to me - she wanted to buy her husband a used iPad.  I found her a nice reconditioned one - new shell, new screen and all shrink wrapped in a new Apple box.  I hid it in my new cupboard.  And then her husband's surgery went bad and fro so long he was 'too drugged to operate the radio much less a new computer'.  

Finally, he's turned the corner.  He even went out today by himself to get his eyes checked.  I came home from the pool to find a note saying she wanted to come pick up the iPad between 2 and 3.  I went to the cupboard and no iPad.  No iPad in any of the spots where I might have likely put it.  I checked everywhere twice.  

Holy crap on a stick. Where had that thing gotten to??!!!  I did remember moving it when I had to put some files in the original stashing place but where the hell had I put it?!

Time for a grid search.  Step by step - open every door, open every drawer, look under and over with a flashlight.

I got the flashlight and started at the front door.  There's a credenza there with two doors and plenty of room under.  Not under.  Door 1, open, shine light and damn.  There it was.  

WHEW!!!  And, on the up side, when I had checked my bedroom closet twice I found an old tablet neoprene sleeve in the Goodwill bag so I gave that to her for him to use til he figures out what kind of case he wants.

He will love it and she will, too.  It will keep him so busy, she'll have her life back.  She's been his nurse since about January.

The pool was great.  I had not been since Friday.  Way too long. It felt so good to stretch and move.  

The rest of the day has been work.  Now I have a whole pack o' files to copy from one folder on the remote machine to another in about 7 batches.  Set up is easy so I set it up and let it go and just keep an eye on it til done.  Not a brain hog.  But I get paid anyway.  Nice.
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