Jun. 28th, 2012

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At the eye doctors for my final cataract followup...
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I'm in shock about the Supreme Court decision on health care.  My cynical self knew they would kick it all to the curb.  I cannot believe they didn't. I'm just amazed and delighted.  I am so grateful to have lived long enough to see a president like Obama.  

I had my final post cataract checkup this morning.  It was a fun morning to be in a building of doctors.  The word was out.  My eye doc said that she was in a doctor meeting when the ruling came out on their laptops.  They stopped the meeting for a little celebration.

And my eyes are great.  I was all set to beg her to take out the other cataract an instead she convinced me to just leave it alone.  At least for a few months.  If I am going to get the second one done, I want to do it now while my deductible is paid up and she totally got that which was nice.  We'll see.  I have an appointment at the first of December and we'll decide then.  My deductible is good til the end of January.

My lungs are a whole lot happier today.  I was afraid of breathing issues last night but had zero and slept great.  I have not used the rescue inhaler today and can take a deep breath easily.  Nice.

Oh and my finger is better, too!  

Way more than half the stuff I left down in the garage for the taking has been took.  What's left now will easily fit in my car for one trip to the Goodwill.  I'll pack it all up tomorrow if it's still there.  I do love our condo's freecycle!  It happened first very organically and is rarely taken advantage of.  Very occasionally someone leaves true trash there and it's quickly disposed of. Mostly it's used exactly as it should be and very effectively.  Plus, I'd have had to make several trips to the Goodwill to get it all gone.  So it's way handy as well.

My new phone does not have a removable battery.  I'm used to carrying a bunch of spare batteries. I had a whole power strip of rechargers keeping them juiced up.  Now nada.  I found and ordered a portable battery recharger on Amazon but then got an email that they were out of stock so went back and did some more research.  For $10 I found one powered by 2 AA batteries and for $20 I found one charged up via USB.  Both Duracell.  I ordered both.  If they work like I think they will, they will be way better than my pile o' batteries and chargers.

Work is it's usual unknown.  There was a little flurry this morning but I'm all caught up.  No clue when more will come in.  I am very close to having enough hours to cover the 401K withdrawal for the next two weeks and until the end of December that's going to be all I care about job wise.

I have a class at the pool at noon.  And left over spaghetti and meatballs for lunch.  Life is good,


Jun. 28th, 2012 01:37 pm
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I just got a shit load of the best kind of work - deadline = as soon as you can but don't kill yourself.  And it's easy, no stress work and it will take me into next week.  Sweet.
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this is like the No Running rules at the pool.  it is, these days, the only time I am incented to haul ass.
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