Jun. 30th, 2012

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Saturday morning in bed under the S enjoying my coffee and listening to NPR.  Nice.

I've got about 15 minutes before I have to suit up and head out to the pool.  

The heat woke me up about 3.  I turned on the air conditioning and the rest of the sleep was wonderfully cool.  I love my air conditioner.  And my electricity.  Seattle City Light recently implemented a new online system to see and pay your bills.  I've always had my bill autopaid but this new system required me to cancel that and then sign up for the new system.  Timing. It turns out that I, apparently did the deed on the one day that ensured neither system would pay last month's bill.  I was freaked when I saw that the bill had not been paid.  I called and asked the nice lady what I could do to avoid Seattle City Light jail.  She told me to do nothing.  She said that paying now would cause more trouble than not.  I should just wait and let the next cycle pay both bills.  I've never not paid my electric bill.  It's freaking me out a little.  It will all be fine, I'm sure.

Well, I've now managed to while away the 15 mins.  Off to swim!
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great swim class... Now, breakfast!
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Except I'm not impressed that flipbook ignores my request to make the g+ entry public...


Jun. 30th, 2012 01:59 pm
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We have a new Saturday morning instructor for swim class.  Actually, she's the one we had just before the really good one we've had all winter.  I'd forgotten how really good Maria is.  The two are just very different in style but equally good as instructors which is great cause I do love my Saturday morning class.  Maria works your ass off but painlessly.  I was shocked to finally look at the clock thinking 15 minutes had elapsed only to see we only had 5 minutes of the 45 minute class left!  And she has good music. 

After class it was on to breakfast which was disappointing to the max but it was my first solo restaurant meal with my new phone and oh baby... it was fab.  I've got Flipboard as soon as it came out on  android but never really spent any time getting it set up.  The other day I spent the time and got everything set up and wow.  It's perfect.  Nice little nuggets of reading info - pretty and easy to navigate and find and get around.   A whole string of plusses that one.

Then on to the mall.  My main goal was Ghost Armor.  I've never gone that route before because it just seemed so expensive.  Instead, I spend 4 times that amount on screen protectors that I never get on right or don't like and cases that are too bulky.  This time I got smart.  The Ghost Armor dude - Tyler - was just cute as a bug in a rug.  And very nice to deal with.  He drooled over my phone which was the appropriate reaction by someone in the know :)...  My plan was to get the back done as well as the front.  I wanted texture and color on the back for a better grip and for finding it in the dark depths of my bag (it's black).  But, he didn't have any good colors on hand since the phone is so new.  But he put the front - the screen protector - on and did a great job.  And he offered to order up the back I want and do it next Saturday and I said Heck Yeah.  

He told me I was his most fun customer all day.  I pointed out the day was young.  He was just a nice nice guy.  There will be a very nice Yelp review in a couple of weeks after I have it all on and it's settled in.

I spent some money at Penney's even though they did not have what I wanted.  I came home and ordered what I wanted.  The clerk at Penney's pointed out that they had a survey (and "we really do read and value your comments - please take it if you can").  She said it so nicely, I came home and did the survey. It gave me another chance to thank JCP for their support of Ellen Degeneres and their ad with 2 Dads.

Now I'm home and I've written my brunch review.  It's a nice cloudy day but warm and muggy.  If there were any kind of breeze at all and/or less muggy, I might take a stroll own to see the new ferris wheel.  It opened yesterday down on the waterfront a little less than a mile from here.  Maybe I can talk [livejournal.com profile] machupicchu into going tomorrow after the movie. If not, no biggie.  There will be plenty of time and plenty of chances.  I want to ride in the daylight and at night but the night ride will probably work better next winter when it gets dark at a reasonable hour.

I'm going to put some stuff away and then settle back for some TV watching (my TiVo's are bursting with good stuff I haven't seen yet) and bear knitting...  Monday is bear delivery day.

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