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Jul. 2nd, 2012 01:35 pm
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I had a particularly nasty and rough morning of work today.  It started early and got fractious immediately.  I got to a stopping point and went swimming and while I was pumping water iron I was thinking about some recent conversations that I've had with [livejournal.com profile] machupicchu .

One of his many talents is that of asking great questions.  I always get the feeling that he asks them because he wants to know the answers but he ends up making me work out some interesting stuff that would otherwise likely remain confusing to me.

The conversations brought to mind today were about money and so about work.  A while back, I quit working for the money.  Between my investments, my IBM pension and my social security, I can live comfortably for way longer than I want without changing my current lifestyle.  I could retire today but I don't and I don't want to.

I thought for a long while it was because I didn't have anything to do.  That I would get bored.  

But, in answering Matthew's questions I realized that is not it at all.  

I am not ready to give up the validation.  My paycheck is a constant reminder that I have value.  A lot of value. My company is small enough so that I know I am not extra, chaff, overhead...  My value is re-evaluated with every paycheck and I pass the test.  And that's what I am not ready to give up.  If I were retired, there would be no test to pass and I'd never again know for sure that I was valued.

There will come a time when that won't matter so much but it does now.  Happily, I have the perfect job to ease into when it won't matter.  There is no pressure to move up any ladder.  I don't ever get a raise and I'm perfectly fine with that.  We don't have performance reviews.  You perform, you get to keep your job.  You don't, you don't.  I don't have to come up with 5 areas of improvement or any of that nonsense.  

I don't have to go into any office.  Sometimes there are meetings, they are on the phone.  I rarely have to work more than I want to and if I do, I get paid more.

Come August, the the problems like this mornings will be gone.  They may well be replaced with others.  

But now that I have this new understanding I can look at, judge, weigh, and decide with the correct parameters.  Is this issue, problem, whatever, so bad that it's time to turn in this validation?

I am really amazingly delighted to have this new insight.

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‏@badrobot68 says on Twitter:
Seattle has banned plastic bags - can we ban gigantic baby strollers next?
I say everywhere and always and loudly YES!!!!
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In more thinking about life after working, this afternoon I had a flash on something my Mom said once.  My father was mostly a textile manufacturing executive.  He worked for Hanes or a million years and then ran a series of smaller textile manufacturing companies.  He retired from one in a small western North Carolina town.  The plant was by far the biggest employer in town and he was the CEO and president.  

He retired and they moved to Charleston, SC.  I was not close to them during this time so I don't have many details at all but at some point I remember my Mom telling me that Daddy was having a difficult time 'not being a big shot any more.'

At the time I remember thinking how lame that was.  I totally get it now.

What's that saying about when I was 20 my parents were idiots but when I hit 40 they turned brilliant?  I know I'm not close to getting that correct and since I'm now 63 the gauge is a little off I think the DNA is the same.


This afternoon has been a little more sane and/or I quit caring  I don't know which... and I don't care!

Betty has been curled up in my lap all afternoon with Travis on the ottoman.  A little bit ago she even sat quietly still and let me trim every one of her toenails.  She never used to sit with me if Travis was near and he never let her.  And she NEVER sat quietly while I cut her nails - she's gotten better about letting me do it in the past year but never as good as today.  I'm wondering if there was not a cat meeting with a new contract written up.  I wish they weren't so secretive about these kinds of things.

I love the new invite/events thing in Google +.  It's my new favorite toy.

Tomorrow is Chef Anita day so tonight is leftovers night.  It used to be that I always had tons of her cooking left over when she came the next time or I ran out days ahead of time - now we are on a roll and get it right nearly every time.  Nice.

I got no plans for Wednesday.  The pools aren't open so no swimming.  There are two movies I kind of wanted to see and they are both still playing so I might just take one of those in.  Safety Not Guaranteed and Your Sister's Sister.

Tonight is the usual baseball/bear knitting plans.  But, if the Mariners suck early, I've gotten so I bail and do some TiVo clean up.  Then I check in on the carnage periodically.  If we ever have a winning year - yeah, like that's going to happen - I'll never get the TiVo stuff watched.
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I just got my first ever Kickstarter reward. I supported a lot and many of what  put money into, I didn't put enough in to get anything.  One promised thing never arrived.  This one was slated for last November but it finally did make it.  Honestly, I don't think I have any use for it but I could be wrong.  It's made really well and I love the name.
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I just registered for 2013 CESI!!Now, what hotel?...
I've stayed at the MGM Grand for the past two years but they pissed me off last year so I need a new hotel.  I think I want easy access to the monorail (or walking distance to the convention center) and decent wifi.
I'll probably go Monday and come home Thursday.
Suggestions, please!
Here's the list of top options:
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