Jul. 10th, 2012

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I had a frustrating little work episode this morning which kind of touched off a chain reaction of crapola - one thing after another from dropping my keys into a place I couldn't reach them. getting down to my car without what I needed, tripping over cats, etc. etc. etc.

Oh and being late for swim class which I really hate.  They had just started when I got in the water but I like to be there and get warmed up before they start.

But, once there... it took maybe 3 minutes of being cuddled by clean, lovely water and stretching and bending this way and that to, to make the world all right again.  Ahhhhhh

I ordered new jeans last week and they arrived today.  I have not worn jeans in a long long time.  I don't even know when I stopped. I thought I had some in the closet but turns out the Goodwill got 'em probably also long ago.  

And I don't know why I decided it was time to start again either.  But I did and now I can.  Well, after they come out of the wash so I can hem them.  They really only need about an inch off but they really do need that inch.

I have never been a big fan of the MLB All Star game and this year I don't even know where it is being held and don't care.  The next Mariner game is Friday.  I'll check back in then.

Tonight I'll watch the first of the last of the Closer.  I'm going to miss Brenda Lee but I read somewhere that the rest of the crew is carrying on with a new show without her which I think is a great idea.


Ooops.  I got distracted an totally forgot this post.  Now the jeans are done and bingo, the dryer did the hemming for me.  I could take them up a little but, honestly, a half-inch isn't worth getting out the sewing machine for.  I'm declaring them wear ready.  The pockets aren't quite deep enough so the sewing machine may come out anyway.

I am reading one of those suck you in mysteries.  When I'm not reading it, I worry that the protagonist might be in danger if I don't get back to it - like my reading protects her???  geesh.  Plus, I will be annoyed when I get to the end.  I always am.  I hate it when  good book is over.
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