Jul. 11th, 2012

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I am the product of a Leave it to Beaver family of the 50s.  My parents stayed married to each other until they died more than 50 years later.  I had two full sets of Grandparents until I was in my 20s.  I had one Grandmother who was The World's Best Grandmother.

We didn't get to see her much because we never lived in the same town but every time we did see her it was magical.  She had great toys, cereal bolls with pictures at the bottom, a candy dish and she took us on adventures.  Once, when the city got new air conditioned buses, we all got on one and rode it the whole circuit.  It was the adventure of a lifetime. 

But one of my most vivid and cherished memories of Grandma was her grocery store.

Grandma's grocery - IGA - was only about 3 blocks from her house.  Just inside the front door was a big black box.  Inside the box was a bench for 2 or 3 very small children. And a black curtain closed off the entrance and made it very dark inside.   We'd scramble in, close the curtain, and beg Grandma to shop s l o w l y...  

The box was a movie theater!!  But the very best kind.  It showed nothing but cartoons.  

In those days, when you went to the movies, you didn't have dancing pop corn or 82 boring trailers or 30 minutes of advertising for bad TV shows....  you got newsreels and a cartoon.  And sometimes, if you were lucky ... two cartoons.  Bugs Bunny, Roadrunner.... the classics.  

But the IGA Black Box didn't even make you sit through the boring news or even a long movie - it was nothing BUT cartoons.  I loved that box.  

It always seemed like Grandma was the fastest grocery shopper on the planet.  There was never enough time in the black box.

As I think back on it now, I cannot imagine anyone shoving their kids into a box to watch something they, could not preview in a place where they could not see them.  For starters, it would prevent them from annoying other shoppers.  But also, of course, it would be a kid snatcher's honey pot.

I treasure and love that I grew up when I did.  I love having the history and the experience.  But I love being here and now more.  I have not the slightest desire to bring back the good old days.  But I do feel the magic of that black box every time I enter a grocery store even now.
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Dear Key Bank manager,  Honestly, when you take 3+ weeks to respond to my emails and phone calls, I do not care to hear about your workload problems.  Your telling me about you have 600 emails stacked up in an effort to evoke my sympathy only tells me that there are 599 customers more important than I am.
The info is redundant.  In the past 3+ weeks,  that message has come through loud and clear.
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***+Lisa Paul posted that she was looking for a simple weather compare app/web page this morning.  This is something I've been wanting since forever.  I do not need/want the treatise of Cliff Mass nor the 10 day outlook for the surrounding 10 counties.  
I want to know how  basically and simply  today's weather will be different than yesterdays and how tomorrow's will be different than today's .
Then she found a couple of iphone only apps. No help.   And that got me digging around.  One of those iphone only apps actually has a website that is just perfect!!  
It's my new favorite thing!!!http://weatherquickie.com
Although I'm not wild about the info it gives me about today....
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I lost my drivers license.  Today I finally decided to fix the problem.  I had no idea you could replace a lost or stolen license online!  How handy.  And it's only $20.  (Note to gov - raise that price - you need the cash.
Before I filled out the form, I decided to look one more time and found it!!  Nice and even cheaper than the $20 fee.
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Dear Cats,
What is so odious about those last 5-10 kibbles left in the bowl?  To my decidedly untrained eye, they look exactly like the first 100-150 that you thought were just fine...  
Is there a cat union rule that prevents you from eating the bowl clean?
Love, Your never-off-duty feeder.
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It was a lovely and relatively uneventful day around here.

I did finally hear from the bank manager.  She gave me half of the information I had asked for and ended her note with "Remember, I'm here for you!"   I wrote her back telling her exactly what I wanted to know.  Being here for me apparently has nothing to do with contacting me or giving me the information I've been asking for for a month.  

What.ever.  It's not critical, thankgoodness.  And it tells me to be sure and NEVER get myself in a position where I have to depend on her for anything.

I had a small bit o work to do which I did.  I did not go to a swim class today but did go to the pool and just did my own thing to my  tunes.  It was great and it worked out fine.

My sore finger has upgrade itself to 99% better.  I'm guessing that's the best it's going to get and I'm totally fine with that as long a it stays there.  In retrospect, I'm guessing it was gout.  

I love my appliance fixer place.  The first time I used them was when my dryer broke.  The fixer fixed it in 5 minutes.  You can call or fill out an online form.  They will happily communicate with you via email.  They told me last week that they would have the dishwasher guy her on Thursday (tomorrow) and they would let me know the night before.

This afternoon I got a robot call saying they would be here between 2 and 5.  Then I got an email asking me to 'click' to confirm.  I did and was taken to a web page where I was asked to confirm or reschedule.  I hit confirm and got a lovely page that says "Thanks, we'll be there."

But the most fun thing is that starting tomorrow morning I can track my fixer.  I can go to a webpage for me and my order and it will show me the list of all his (I'm assuming it's a he but I could be wrong.) appointments for the day and watch during the day as he moves from one to another.  

I just love it.  And I can't wait to start tracking tomorrow.  Ordinarily, I'd want to be the first call of the day but then I'd miss out on the tracking fun.  I don't even mind being last!

My new weather difference page - my other nifty new find - tells me in a cool blue page that it will be cooler tomorrow.  I love that.  I appreciate 10 and 14 day forecasts and where's and why's and percentages and details but some days I just want to know... is it going to be hotter tomorrow?  This morning it even gave me a chance to both see how it will be different tomorrow and how today is different than yesterday.   

I love it's simplicity and it's color coding...  I do wish there was a widget for my Android phone.  I have a nice weather widget but it does not give me the simple poop like this one does.


Time now for bear knitting.

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