Jul. 12th, 2012

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I love this!  My appliance repair place (http;//appliancehospital.com), lets me watch the progress of my actual repairman.
Bruce10 L. will be here later today to fix my dishwasher.  Right now he's up north east of here (in zip code 98115) fixing somebody's something.  
Last March it was actually Bruce10 L. who fixed my dryer.  He's very good an nice and fun.  
I'm not quite sure why but it just rocks my socks to be able to watch his progress all day as he makes his way to me casa.
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Bruce10 L. is making good progress!!  
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This is my dishwasher repair man.  He's moving right along.  

Amira and her daughter are here cleaning away.

I am being served.

No work today so I'm just doing a little of this and a little of that.  I just sorted through all my yarn bits.  Some balls are big enough for teddy bear sweaters and some are not.  The 'nots' have been gathered into one place.  When I run out of the rest of the yarn, I'll dig into it and make a bunch of patch work bears.

[livejournal.com profile] madknits has me thinking about doing a scarf like he is doing - kinda.  I would probably only cast on about 500 stitches (and use yarn and needles that give me about 7ish stitches per inch).   I like the idea of having a long term, mindless knitting project that I could travel with - like to movies, etc.  The bears in progress aren't too satisfactory for on the road knitting.  They take too much stuff.  The scarf just needs yarn and needles.  

Plus, it does not take a warehouse of yarn and so I can upgrade to something way nicer than bear yarn....  Something classy to knit with for a change.  I like it.

Swim class at noon.  Staying cool.
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Bruce10 L. and his side kick have been here, fixed my dishwasher and even re-seated it so it no longer wobbles around like it has for 5 years.  Good guys.  I'm running both drawers now to make sure they are happy.
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My dishwasher is fixed.  At least I hope it is.  It's still working through the test cycle.  But I'm pretty sure it is.  The repair work is guaranteed so I'm not worried.  The frickin part was $200.  Gesh.  

My first dishwasher was $125.  I got a $200 bonus at work and went to Sears and said 'if I pay you cash money right now, how soon can you have a dishwasher in my kitchen?'.  This was in the early 70's and there was a huge recession and this was in a tiny backwater town in South Carolina - no one had bought anything in forever.  The salesman at Sears said "lady, if you pay me cash money, I can have this in your kitchen before you can dirty another dish."  

And he did.  

Oh, I just heard the 'dish washing success' chimes in the kitchen!  yahooo!!!

And I got one pair of jeans totally done.  I took them up 1 inch and made the pockets 2 inches deeper!  It was a bigger project than I thought it would be cause I was picky an wanted it done right.  I'm leaving all the stuff out and will do the other pair tomorrow morning.

Now it's time for dinner and my evening.  Baseball starts again tomorrow.  I can use another night off, I need to shore up my resources for the second half of the season.
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whew.  the camera on my EVO LTE just died.  i mean doornail dead. downloaded another camera app and it didn't work either! panic!!  reset.  no joy.  then i realized i had only powered down and back so i did a real reset and it came back.  whew!  
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