Jul. 18th, 2012

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This morning cantelope knee has shrunk down to grapefruit knee.  Whew.  There is a lovely black and blue area but I think it's not fatal.  It hurts even less today than yesterday.  I think there is no need to panic.  I'll baby it today and keep the ice on and off and eat an apple an I'm sure it will be fixed by tomorrow.
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I spent a good bit this morning figuring out how much money I need to live on until the end of the year.  Since work is slow (and I only get paid when I work) and I'm having to have such a giant chunk o' money taken out my 401K tax benefit, my net salary could be down to a couple of hundred every two weeks between now and the end of the year.

This will not keep me in the style to which I have become accustomed...  So it's time to break into the investment bank.  My investment guy was the one who advised me to max out the 401K contribution saying we'd fill in with cash if needed.  I wanted to make sure he had the right nums.  Job is done but also done, I think, is my spending spree for the year.  Fortunately, I have CES airfare and hotel deposit all paid for.  And that's the biggest non-necessary expense I can think of coming up.

I skipped the pool today.  I probably didn't have to but, really, I'd like to get this knee closer to fighting shape.  I'll go tomorrow for class.

My new Nexus tablet is nice.  Very nice.  I do like it better than the Fire.  And I'm expecting it to only get better with upgrades.  

I had Chef Anita's gazpacho for lunch  It was delicious.  It's not something I could eat every week for a year but in Summer, it's such a lovely treat.  

And speaking of lovely treat, I'd like to commend our weather.  It's been perfect for me.  Not much sun and no humidity and breezy  Nice.

Time to get the ice off my knee and back in the freezer.
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Last week I bought two blue teeth. 

My EVO LTE navigation voice is just not loud enough (not to mention is at least 3 different voices but that's another deal alltogether)....  

I can plug the phone into the car speakers but that involves finding the cable, fishing for the hole in the glove compartment (not conveniently located) and basically remembering to do it before I start driving.

So I started looking for an easier way.  That got me to a bluetooth gizmo.  But, since I don't want to be draining my phone's battery, I need a bluetooth gizmo with a charging port.  

I found one on Amazon and bought it assuming it wouldn't work really and I'd send it back.  It arrived today and I might not send it back.  It's kind of cool.  I'm going to at least give it a couple of days...

It was shockingly easy to set up and I cannot wrap my head around it works but it sure does.  That nav lady (or ladies, actually) is now Loud and Clear.

Also for much the same reason - the speaker on the phone is wimpy and I really do hate untangling and plugging in earbuds and then being tethered.  

I also hate those one ear blue tooth dongles.  But then I found regular earbuds on a non tangling cable and, again, I went to Amazon figuring I'd hate the reality and send 'em right back.  I actually like 'em a lot!  And so does my new tablet.  

And thus end my giant Amazon credit balance.
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