Jul. 19th, 2012


Jul. 19th, 2012 11:06 am
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My brother sent me an email this morning suggesting that I remove all the desktop widgets on my computer.  He knows I kept a desktop with all kinds of fun toys - Seattle weather, Georgetown, TX weather, a calendar, an adorable cat clock with wagging tail, etc  It is up all the time and I often look up to check the date and temp...  He had intel from various reliable sources that these things had just gotten too dicey to use - they open up too many vulnerabilities.

So I took all my pretties off.  Sigh.  I found some Chrome apps that work in the browser and I put them up instead.  They aren't as pretty but they get the job done - actually better since they are bigger and easier to see.


My knee is still swollen and still does not hurt much at all.  It's less swollen at least.  So weird and so grateful it does not hurt.  I am not giving up swimming today. I think it needs to be bendy.  Class at noon.  I'll be there.


And speaking of medical.  I don't know what made me think of it but I did and checked and the medication info that I keep taped to the back of my insurance card is out of date and so I fixed it.  Updated the file, printed out a new version and taped it to the card.  Here's the current:


The baseball game is now.  How those people in Kansas City can sit in that sun is beyond me.  I'm having a hard time here in Seattle where it isn't even hot and still I have the air conditioner on.


I had several other things for this entry and now I cannot remember one of them.  There will be other entries when/if the thought cycles back through.
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The car thing worked out great int he garage.  But, today when I got out on the road it was pretty much a total fail.  When it did dial in the speakers there was way too much static but it also drifted in and out .  Not worth the frustration.  I'm going back to plug in - which actually does work fine.  And the gizmo is going back to Amazon.

That itch has now been sufficiently scratched.  

Swim class was good.  Outside of the nice bright bruises on my knee that I could see when I did crunches, my knee worked fine for the entire workout. whew.

My investment guy called me as I got into the car to tell me all was set money wise.  Whew.

Sheri, the designer, sent me an email that the final bit of the living room redo was at hand.  We are going to replace the bulbs in the track lighting with LED bulbs.  Oh, that reminds me she owes me an invoice and that's another bill I need to pay out of my shrinking savings.  Oh well. I do love the recessed LEDs.  They are plenty bright enough and throw out zero heat.

The Mariners won again!  Amazing.  
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Google, today, is releasing more if its Google + API which means that, hopefully, LJ will integrate it in the same way it does Twitter and others will create functional cross posting tools.

I've muted my own cross posting hack.  I'll just double post what I want in both places.  I think there is less overlap now than there was and I know the hack I was using just sucked.

So no more and I wait and hope the coders will hop all over this opportunity. (After they finish the facebook stuff, of course.)
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This is what's happening on the other side of The Tree That I Hate. By the time the leaves are gone, there won't be much construction to see, it will all be building. Sigh. But, I can get a glimpse of the action through the leaves.
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The webcam that my brother has in his shop saw a bunch of action today. All of a sudden there were lights and a cameraman and a boom mike and action. I got a quick reply when I sent him a WTF, that they were doing a 'yelp video'. I did not know yelp had videos....

But, I did capture this shot. Apparently,  Zoe, the dog, thought they were shooting porn.

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